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  1. You make some valid points, but here is my rebuttal.
  2. Yeah, the sheer amount of shards that they put in at each tier is insane.. I'm all for a grind, but if you have maxed out C5 gear and you're just missing shards from C1 (a VERY common occurrence from what i have seen/heard) then there need to be a way to get that progression. I feel like the shard system is RNG on top of RNG. You have to be able to complete a map, let's say solo for this example, on C1. Not hard whatsoever but if you want to AFK you'll probably need C3 gear, and good stuff at that.There are 80 possible C1 shards you can get according to this spreadsheet. You normally get one random C1 shard and one Campaign shard on completion of a C1 map, with the possibility of getting 2 C1 shards as a rare drop. Let me say that again, 80. Possible. Shards. And as many of us have experienced, it seems as though there are certain shards that are weighted more heavily than others to drop. Maybe this is the RNG salt talking but it definitely seems that way.Let's say with everything taken into account and made simple, it's a 1/80 drop chance for a specific shard to drop, let's take Deadly Strikes since it's seen as near-essential in C5. At 15 minutes a run (probably an exaggeration, once you get a rhythm going you could probably get it down to 10 minutes a run if you're quick and have high tower DPS.) you're still looking at 20 hours to get a specific shard. Now, that's not a guarantee, just an average. Probability doesn't work that way, some people will get the shard they want on their first run, and some will get it WAY past the drop rate. I hope that soon, you get the shards you need, but RNG is RNG sadly. TL;DR Pray to RNJesus that you get what you want.
  3. So i seem to be at a bit of a stuck point right now. I feel like all my gear is C3-C4 ready, but things such as a maxed out Defense HP (60/60 6.2k+ totem) for my squire walls doesn't do anything. Do i just not have enough ascension levels @AL 35 to up the amount of HP my walls have or did i do something wrong. I'm confused sometimes when i look at people's gear and they have worse stats but better HP/DPS on their towers, and i can't seem to find info on it on Reddit. Also, what are the capped stats for every Chaos Trial level for each piece of gear? Is it a hard cap or is it a percentage of the best gear you got in the previous Chaos Trial Tier? I have seen the google doc floating around with the formula on it but I don't understand how it works...
  4. You're 100% positive that you checked every slot on the outfits list in the wardrobe? The early access rewards should be head pieces at the very bottom. I'm guessing you did that already though, and you contacted support, so all you can do is wait for a little while. If you haven't already though, validate your game cache in Steam, sometimes game files haven't been acquired and doing so will force steam to check for these files.
  5. Okay, so is there a specific reason as to why we can't choose a specific Chaos Trials map? What if there was a pool of shards for each difficulty on each map that was DISPLAYED. Space out all the shards so that every map has at least 2-3 extremely sought after shards and then an assortment of others. There could also be overlap in this so that you wouldn't get bored of farming the same map over and over again but it would also limit your chances down to a certain amount instead of 40+ for C1 overall. With the pure volume of shards however it's hard to say what the most viable solution is. You can have more shards drop, but then you would still have complaints and people would feel even more ripped off when after 4 runs of 15 minutes each on C1, they have NOTHING to show for it. Your idea of the Gran-master supplying shards i support 100%, though what if it was more of a "Store" where you had a rotating stock and you would unlock Slots per difficulty depending on the amount of maps you have successfully completed in that tier like you said. That way you would still have to grind for it but it would be almost guaranteed after a certain amount of time due to how many slots you would have unlocked.
  6. I would also like an answer to this. The game looks great but i'm pretty confused as to what I should be farming for!
  7. Don't mind me, just passing through, have a duck.
  8. Banned because you're on the forums instead of farming.
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