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  1. If enemy design forces a no wall/CC trap build (Cannon Ogres, Bezerkers, Frosty Fodder... etc.) then you shouldn't expect people not to play it. Implementing diminishing returns should also involve shifts in enemy comp and power to compensate. Why aren't we seeing changing in zerker hp pools? Ogre burst damage nerfs? Trap range increases to compensate for enemies leaving damage zones? Hell it should mean a rework of map DU totals. Especially DU totals for older maps that were designed ages ago. The meta is what Trendy created with it's enemy and level design. If they want to fix it they n
  2. What if you could choose between hero and defense shards when crafting from dust? This would probably eliminate a lot of issues with rate/destro/deadly shards. Mostly due to over-saturation of hero shards in every table...
  3. @emilian I was mostly using 300 as a worst case scenario. If you roll 450 and reroll is generous this number goes down. However RNG is what it is and I often see 200 in my daily queue and sometimes I forget and only grab 200 that day. However it's important to remember that 50 maps is only true if you add weekly bonuses to it. Otherwise the number gets very high very fast. So this is less about maps and more about timed bonuses gating progress. The real numbers should be calculated in weeks for new heroes. One hero per month with map gains going towards item modification. That's probably
  4. It would take you 292 games over a week with the weekly bonus and daily bonus 300 medal average to hit 10,000. Two weeks would be about 184 games. Three weeks is 76 games. When defender medals were introduced they implied it was set so that you could earn 1 hero a month without paying real money. This seems right in the ballpark still. Best I can hope they are looking into a new monetization system that gets away from gamble boxes and moves to season pass or something. Maybe they won't have to rely on the grindwall for income as much.
  5. Thankfully they are doing a change in the 4.1 update. My hope is that they are removing log scaling on quality from mods. Log scales make it so only perfect mods are worthwhile and all other qualities are essentially the same.
  6. As a player who has been playing Warframe since it's public beta and a Fortnite: Save the World player since it's alpha I can tell you that both games have changed a LOT of how they monetize over the years. (And no I'm not saving DM for heroes since I have nearly all of them). Digital Extremes (Warframe) has made it very clear that their monetize system runs on a content pipeline. It's why the current meta is called Fashion Frame. The bulk of their revenue is from non-gameplay related skins. They have said multiple times, you make the game fun first and people come to play. This is why they
  7. I'd just love to see Snipe get a huge increase to proc effects for the loss of speed. That and maybe a guarenteed crit rate so you could effectively build a crit witch and be viable against any of the high fire rate weapons.
  8. This could be helpful but I'm still worried that it will continue having issues with drop rates of important shards. If a shard has a 0.2% rate as you can find in other F2P loot box models extra rolls will not combat the issue. RNG can still mean months of farming for nothing. I can only hope they will look at top performing F2P competitors and notice that you don't monetize by gating progress. You monetize the content pipeline. Warframe and Fortnite both do this. New character classes, maps, skins, timed events, etc. Keeps your employees employed and your business afloat. Focus the rest of yo
  9. I am still reluctant to believe devs when they say drop rates are even across all shards. For instance; I shouldn't be farming for weeks in a single chaos level and see no instances of any one shard type but get 6-7 of multiple other types. Even in a bloated loot table this does not pan out. It's especially noticeable in shard types that are more useful. Panic Fire instances vs Destruction shard drops. Deadly Strikes vs literally any other shard in the game... And no buying shard packs doesn't help because the drop tables are the same! I have no interest in spending any cash if I already
  10. Back after a hiatus and I see the hailstorm is still underperforming compared to it's counterpart. Testing DPS in the tavern shows it's outputting under half the DPS on inspect panel with constant uptime. Is this a known? Should I even bother trying to deploy this tower? The 5% freeze is still super low for a shard power that can only single target enemies in air. Target oversaturation is still an issue for this severely underpowered air only tower... Can't find anything in patch notes or upcoming fixes to see if this tower has been remotely looked at.
  11. Final wave of Trials II in solo mode and boom Login Sesssion Expired, kicked to title screen. Do not pass GO do not collect $200. This is an oldie I thought we squashed in 2016...
  12. All my rings were likely destroyed since my relic list was minuscule. Since over half my heroes were DPS my roster of non ring accessories were small and focused. This has left me with very little in the way of high power relics and since most of the meaningful drops are beyond my reach to farm I am going to have very little fun until I can get a lot of lucky shards. Good thing I have a Gunwitch I guess since I could only fill 3 characters worth of relics.
  13. I saw what appeared to be invisible projectiles on patch day. We lost 2 rounds of Gates for reasons we could not see. There were no enemies nearby and no ranged units shooting. My best assumption was that a kobold flier got through somehow. They seem to have a buggy reaction animation and can vanish from time to time. This could explain how so much damage gets done in so little time with zero trace of enemies.
  14. It's a randomized system still but all we know so far is that you can get up to 3 drops per mission and some can show up non chaos.
  15. This was my best theory as well. Since I haven't seen any equiv drops to NM4 gear I never got a chance to see what good non leveled gear was like without levels. I guess we should be expecting 400g for around ipwr 750? Most of Trials rank 1 gear is around 200-250g base sell rate so this would put it in line with ipwr 450-550 which lands around NM2 if I recall? The variable upgrade capacity doesn't help unfortunately but we should be able to make some kind of baseline comparison now. Now it's going to be a question of where the transition gear shows up for fresh 50s to slide from campaign to
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