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  1. holy crap what happened?! XD dang powercreep is real! I can't stand to read so much patch notes :P Well thanks for answering! Also is it normal that everytime I try to make a public room it keeeeeeps timing out?
  2. Hey so I'm from back in the closed beta, things.. have changed. I've really only come back once to see a "new" hero the necromancer guy and got him. I'm back and suddenly everyone is max level? The UI and everything looks really different and confusing but I'll hope I can adjust to it. I decided to restart and delete all my characters except for my ranger and sold pretty much everything mystical and below because It was way too cluttered and I had like 4 bags full of them. So I restarted the Necro guy and suddenly my main "wall" has 30k+ hp?!? This isn't right? Right? surely you don't start
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