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  1. Items sitting around get automatically sold when the map ends or when the next wave starts. The profits are then distributed among all the players. Unfortunately this information isn't available in-game, so a lot of new players make that mistake and then are booted for being "greedy" and not informed of what the problem actually is. Don't ever use Quick Match. I don't know if you have been or not, but just in case, it is completely random, which in this case is a very bad thing.
  2. I would prefer seeing lives over time being the limitations imposed by difficulty. Especially if it's made into a long dungeon crawl.
  3. Man if you think Dark Elf Warriors are bad, this is going to be a fun DLC cycle.That brought a smile to my face, even though I'm one of the people that think their tower destroying gets a little ridiculous. More interesting enemies is a very good thing. I just hope they don't make me go bald and dumb from tearing hair out and screaming. (Nah, I'm too calm for that, but you get the idea.)
  4. Maybe I'm mistaken and spreads work differently for different sources, but as long as the projectiles from a staff (for example) are an odd number, one of them fires straight. Isn't that the case for Animii? Just try to aim for an even number of extra projectiles so that the total projectiles winds up odd.
  5. I think he means if you don't mind getting complete junk when resetting the shop (such as cheap pets for the achievement) that running Assault on Easy, which is very easy, is a good way to do so.
  6. Number of projectiles should be your highest priority, then attack power. Animii are most useful for murdering things, so upgrade them accordingly.
  7. I'm not wondering if he cheated or not. I'm wondering what the point of this thread is. Do we really need a thread about one person's DPS?
  8. After seeing that, the only thing that makes me hesitate to try it is the lack of incredible tower attack for my Monk and Apprentice.
  9. I can confirm that challenge weapons can be Godly. A High Five got me the achievement for picking up a Godly weapon. Unfortunately, their status as Godly is not reflected in their names, so you have no way of knowing unless you have yet to get the achievement.
  10. As to camera shake... we will likely add in the option to turn it down (or up!). We love and welcome suggestions (though I recommend putting them in the Suggestions thread.) As to the Range decal for towers on lower settings, we don't have it in game yet but we do have a temporary solution in our Tech Support FAQ (or will soon, looks like it has not been posted yet). Edit: Dratz... Jer had me distracted with testing and posted before me!Ooh, sounds like you'll have a slider for setting it. Good, I like having a greater level of customization.
  11. I have repeatedly been baffled that despite the TF2 pets and even the Parents' Weapons being novelties, the Engineer somehow possessed abilities that the end-game pet for the same purpose does not. It goes a bit beyond novelty.
  12. They can still give the player grief without being the absurd flying bulldozers that they are. They can be tweaked without removing their purpose. A nerf, if well thought out, won't turn Insane into uninteresting. Something like reducing the damage they do against towers but not players would help, for example.
  13. It is still exploitable by removing all your gear to heal buildings to save a tiny amount of mana. It should still be implemented though since no one in their right mind would do that to save a handful of mana and it makes every thing pretty.No, he included it retaining the current percent of damage when unequipping too. The only way to exploit it would be taking advantage of rounding, which would result in very tiny increases at best.
  14. Yes, but those two words aren't solely restricted to intimate experiences. Far from it, both terms can be used completely innocently. For example, a glutton for punishment (likes to play I Want to be The Guy) and someone who likes to play evil characters in games like Oblivion, respectively.
  15. Who on earth would play pure strat with others? It's a purely solo experience. Also when i posted this i had 2 ninja's beating on my towers from behind in hall of court after they jumped over my defense, they ripped my entire front line apart. The ogre walks out in hall of court and straight away throws his poison. I worked out how to counter that but this mode is still buggy, the ogres are way too strong for towers only and araus make most maps boring, my monk does 5000 dps with electric aura. My squire is also well built. I guess i should stick with defense grid for tower only play.I would
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