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  1. Why do relic mods decrease defense health and power stats? Do they decrease those stats? Let's find out (I'm assuming mods are the cause here.) I've got a level 211 epic relic medallion with a level 4 fortitude servo mod that grants +275 defense health. The level 211 medallion grants a 1,488 defense power and 452 defense health boost. When I go to replace the current level 68 sturdy relic that I currently have equipped, which grants a 593 defense power and 166 defense health, the game tells me that the difference if I equip the level 211 medallion is -316 defense power and -5 defense health. Shouldn't the level 211 medallion increase defense power by, at least, 895? And defense health by 286? Is something other than the fortitude servo mod making these higher values on the lvl 211 medallion somehow grant me smaller defense boosts?
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