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  1. What about instead of shards, you can change the type of tower premap. Like In Diablo where a Class has a bunch of skills but you can only bring only a certain amount at a time. For example: A Monk would have all those different types of Buff Beams but you can only bring one into the map. Not sure how this would work for DD2 but it would solve the too many shards or where would these shards drop issue. You could also do this with Hero skills. Maybe you don't want the Monk's Healing/Buff on his 3, so you switch to another DPS skill or w/e. It would add more Different types of hero builds.
  2. Did you test this build yourself solo? I tried it about 20 times and I can't get passed wave 3. I keep losing cause Spear Throwers are hitting the core on the Earthshatter lanes or the Frosties die. It might be me that is failing on DPS wise. What shards do you use for the Earthshatters? I might be completely unlucky. I can't imagine on wave 3+ when sins come.
  3. Yea like current Trendy seems too prideful on the whole "they dont want dd2 to be dd1 thing" But all they have to do is bring all the good things from dd1 like you said in your post and still keep it dd2 feel. Its that easy. Very cool ideas indeed. (That's another awesome restriction for trading, by the way!)
  4. The best map for everything would be Unholy Incursion. Chance at a 750 Piece, around 30k gold with map reward + drops, and the least effort incursion that drops 750 pieces . (imo) I don't think there is a 'fast way' to farm gold atm. I could be wrong.
  5. I hope so, also yea I feel the monk needs a double jump like the gun witch and make its animation like the ninja costume from dd1. It would be dope.
  6. Not sure if I missed something but I remember Trendy said they were remaking the 1st 4 heroes. I know they buff some of their towers but are they still planning on doing huge changes to the old 4?
  7. real life time wise how long did this take you to 200+?
  8. I don't know whats wrong with you guys :p. The game is too easy to need specific hero build for each tower. I'm pretty sure most of you guys also leveled all your heroes before the exp sphere thing too. This may sound like i'm bashing but I actually envy you guys that have 5-6 each hero. All my heroes are clumped together like 1 Monk = Sent,Elect,Boost,Dragon. You guys most really love the game XD. Hats off to you.
  9. Do you still get the DM's from dailies if you already hit the cap for the day?
  10. Who cares about bug fixes and important gameplay updates we need the Halloween theme Town/Tavern. Kappa.
  11. The game is too easy to really need a DPS. The 2 bosses in game in reality only need to DPS one of them down. Even then I think you can full damage Harb with just towers as well. imo Hero DPS is kind of useless so adding another pure DPS character sounds unfun for me at least.
  12. Same here. I went through the patch notes twice to see if I missed anything, but I think I'm just blind.
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