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  1. I have a yt channel with about 100 subs. I am starting new because I want to upload more quality material as I have missed the last 3+ scheduled uploads because my internet has been messed up. If you want to start fresh with me or are a level 10- and want to be on youtube, send me a friend request on steam. jpksports1
  2. Ahh well I have like 110 subs mostly from 1 dd vid. I am resetting on pc( I ended up getting h*lla hacked gear and it made the game boring) and I'll start making dd pc vids. Maybe I can get a few to sub to you to start your army xD( I used to love x360 before I got it for pc). Clutch Progidy gaming is my YT.
  3. jpksports

    Item Check Thread

    ok so I got this diamond from a friend that has been helping me out recently but I don't really won't it so I was thinking about selling it on forums. I decided to get it ic'd. link to pic:http://imgur.com/PpK0zhh
  4. lol that would be me. Sometimes I feel like I'm running for mere nothing. That's alright as long as it helps some people out.
  5. sorry but steam doesn't let me add anyone. If you add me I will accept.
  6. anyone else see how much that blaster rifle is worth in the background of the pic.
  7. i might get banned for this but p**n stars.
  8. wow wish I had known this before. I've had three of them that I've given out.
  9. Are we going off the regular system 6 coal is 1 cube? If so 7 coal.
  10. I want to sell lab runs for a 6:10(coal) or 1:10(cubes) ratio. ****SPECIAL DEALS**** 2:25(cubes) or 12:25(coal) [saving of 25%] 3:45(cubes) or 18:45(coal) [saving of 67%] We can negotiate on a time if these do not work for you. Thanks Run times(Central daylight time). Mon-Fri: 12(noon) to 4 p.m. (some later) Sun and Sat: 12(noon) to 12(midnight) Reply your steam username if you would like to take me up on the offer.
  11. Ok, this auction is rather confusing as to who has bid what on what XD but if i have read the above posts correct, the gladius is currently at an offer of 50 bil from kleeb. If im not mistaken then id like to go ahead and 'buyout' the gladius for 75bil mana.
  12. I think mana only Kleeborp, not entirely sure though 75 bill for buyout on any item
  13. Okay guys I'm pretty new but a good friend of mine has been helping me out a lot and I got some weapons along the way that I don't really want or I can't use. I decided to make an auction for some mana. Every item is going to be on reserve and unless the reserve is reached the item will not be auctioned out. Te reserve for each item will be below. THE AUCTION WILL END ON 6/26/15 AT 12 NOON CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRICE, IT IS THE STARTING OR RESERVE PRICE!!! Mega chicken: 500,000,000 mana Obsidian Gladius: 400,000,000 mana Obsidian Sparus: 350,000,000 mana Steam Saw: 200,000,000 Obsidian Clava: 300,000,000 PICTURES http://imgur.com/a/GyxDM EDIT: Okay so MAGGIECAT has brought to my attention that my monetary system was awful and that has stated the (I guess) basic monetary systeem of dd for pc. 12b mana = 1 coal, 6 coal = 1 cube. Thanks High bids: Gladius-B/O-ROSA Steam saw-9 billion mana-Michel Baak
  14. I'm new to pc but i have played on xbox 360 and ps3. I am looking for people that would like to play together. My best character is in its low to mid 20's. Thanks. steam id same as profile.
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