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  1. I have a yt channel with about 100 subs. I am starting new because I want to upload more quality material as I have missed the last 3+ scheduled uploads because my internet has been messed up. If you want to start fresh with me or are a level 10- and want to be on youtube, send me a friend request on steam. jpksports1
  2. Ahh well I have like 110 subs mostly from 1 dd vid. I am resetting on pc( I ended up getting h*lla hacked gear and it made the game boring) and I'll start making dd pc vids. Maybe I can get a few to sub to you to start your army xD( I used to love x360 before I got it for pc). Clutch Progidy gaming is my YT.
  3. jpksports

    Item Check Thread

    ok so I got this diamond from a friend that has been helping me out recently but I don't really won't it so I was thinking about selling it on forums. I decided to get it ic'd. link to pic:http://imgur.com/PpK0zhh
  4. lol that would be me. Sometimes I feel like I'm running for mere nothing. That's alright as long as it helps some people out.
  5. sorry but steam doesn't let me add anyone. If you add me I will accept.
  6. anyone else see how much that blaster rifle is worth in the background of the pic.
  7. i might get banned for this but p**n stars.
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