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  1. I sympathise OP, but really, I haven't pressed Sell All since Day #1 and thought everyone was the same. It's just an evil button that must never, ever be pushed.
  2. i think this is really an issue that needs to be addressed as this is supposed to be a tower defense game yet using towers is the worst strategy in high levels What high levels are we talking about? We use 80% towers 20% auras on Insane Summit, Glitterhelm, etc and they work just fine. Are you talking about challenges?
  3. Laser type weapons (those that look like the Soul Focuser from Alch Lan insane) have "super-XRay" which means they pierce walls AND an unlimited number of enemies as well. This is much better than simple wall-only XRay like VW has. Bone Bows (those with skull on the front), Bird Guns and the Blunderbuss type of gun pierce right through ONE enemy but not walls. That's it I believe.
  4. I'd qualify this thread by saying "Multiplayer DD outside your friends list is dying, if not dead". And to me, that is as good as dead for what is essentially a multiplayer game. It's either instant kick for no reason, or definate fail to clear level due to mutiplayer being so much harder than solo. Disproportionately so.
  5. Assume you are playing Insane spook where mobs comes from many different directions. Those traps would help more then they would hurt. In this scenario I use this technique called "turning round".
  6. 1) You're in the middle of the wave, enemies has just broken down a magic barracade, fireball tower, and lightning tower. Firstly your scenario is not realistic. If enemies broke down a barrier and 2 towers before anyone noticed, the whole team is fail. [QUOTE]Are you going to sit there and ask questions, or are you going to do something to stop enemies from getting through further after you've shot them down?[/quote] I am going to sit there and hold the line with 100k dps, thus taking us nearer victory with every passing second. I am also going to call over to the builder (you kept on
  7. Nope. A huntress that uses less than 2 seconds to set a trap when defenses are failing is vastly more useful to the group than one that just keeps loldpsing. You are actually claiming that me spending 2 seconds to lay an underpowered trap that will essentially do very little beyond annoying the host and getting me kicked, plus using up precious DU, is a better way to hold up a failing defence than me spewing 100k dps against all enemies approaching said defence? You sir, know nothing of DPS Huntresses.
  8. when you have 4 people in a game, it goes off the list. Less games visable just means more people are teaming with more peoeple thus more full games. Except that no one is actually teaming with anyone since it is totally stupid to do so and the rewards are far better if you solo.
  9. I'd just like to throw it out there that I'd like to see more huntresses actually learn to play their class. It annoys me to no end to play insane and have huntresses show up and do nothing to help with defenses except shoot their gun. When the defenses start failing squires will throw down walls or spinners to slow the enemy advance down, apprentices will usually build fireball towers or magic barricades, monks will throw down ensnare and lightning auras, but huntresses most often DONT DO JACK! Hello, you have the traps for a reason. The gas and exploding traps are both excellent for t
  10. That's weird, the console versions of this map must be different because you got away with completely ignoring an area that you need to cover on console (360 at least). Those stairs that lead UP from where you placed the wyvern crossbows....on wave 10 only, half the monsters from the door just towards the map centre go down that way towards the lowest crystal.
  11. Well the game ain't dead, but it's ailing, imo. I recently managed to hit the point I can solo almost everything on Insane. Instead of feeling I achieved something, I felt I just wanted to play solo instead of with my group of friends, which is in fact the opposite effect of what I expected. As a consequence, I do not enjoy the game so much now. If I play with my friends, we wipe, which stops being fun pretty quick. If I play solo I'm bored because it's so tedious and unfun to play this game alone. It would only take one pretty decent game that ripped off this format to come out and get man
  12. Show more of the "LOOT LEFT ON THE GROUND IS AUTOMATICALLY SOLD AND SHARED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE WAVES." Ive told this to every person who kept looting "useless junk." They stopped after that. Am happy Totally stupid thing to do. The loot on the ground is limited in number and when you hit that limit it despawns and the team gets nothing for it. Everyone looting from their choke point is the best way to maximise your mana. Plus unless you carefully examine every item, you will very easily have upgrades despawn and lose them. Notice that thumbs up / green circle thing is totally broken a
  13. group play is needed on most maps when you are undergeared and cannot solo, group play has its needs. If you are undergeared and cannot solo, grouping will simply make things harder most of the time (in most maps, there are exceptions ofc). And this extra difficultly is NOT offset by the added firepower of the extra player(s) unless their gear is WAY better than yours. The fact that you have the same DU and tower strength to handle the significant increase in the number and strength of monsters that comes with grouping is just stupid.
  14. If you encourage group play then you must encourage competent group play. They already kinda do, given that multiplayer is so much harder than solo. So really, if they upped the rewards for multiplayer considerably (as they definately should), then competent group play would surely follow. Because all the "decent" players sitting on their own owning lol-easy mode (solo) would come out of the woodwork and gravitate towards group play. People would be more likely to form alliances to practise with, and so on. It ALL stems from the need to make the multiplayer rewards be in line with the gr
  15. I'd guess that most problems have been caused by hacked weapons or characters than anything else, except PERHAPS hacked mana. Since these issues will never ever go away on PC, what's the point of a wipe? Leaderboards are meaningless in a hackable game, and always will be.
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