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  1. My Monthly says it is locked behind campaign mode thou I have finished all the campaign areas. Is this intentional with today's patch?
  2. Hi! I'd be more than happy to look into this for you. Check your PMs! If his account is linked via Steam family share between his friends and his then that's the problem. Ice mentioned it'd be get looked at and fixed, but guess it hasn't. It is linked never thought about that. When I made the post he was telling me how much he didn't enjoy the game and didn't like any of the costumes so being a bit salty was my reaction.
  3. I just gave my friend a Free Key and it was a CE edition of the game he got 10,000 Gems plus the 3,000 you get from buying it. Same with all the Dragon Skins after buying the game and CE when he just got everything for free not Cool imo. In before the its a Free Game to play im more upset about the Gems he just got not putting anything into it.
  4. Not as annoying as it could be thou could get 2 for different heroes stats on the same item.
  5. When will fixes to Exp Spheres comes? Will it be with the patch tomorrow?
  6. I feel like we should all start chanting "Flip the Switch!"
  7. The Silent is almost over could it be?!
  8. This is like the silent before the storm the wait is intense.
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