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  1. It will be available on other platforms very soon. Like very soon. Although I am greatly pleased to hear this, that does by definition make it.. 'not exclusive', lol.
  2. Gotta be honest, I was excited to see this until I read 'xbox exclusive' :(
  3. You paid for the opportunity to provide feedback and help the developers ahead of release. That said, the game has been publicly available and free for years now. 'Release' is just a milestone, albeit an important one. The only preorders which got anything of significance are the Defense Council and whatever that ultimate package was shortly afterwards. Point is, there hasn't been preorder goodies for many years now.
  4. I just pre-ordered. Was a total impulse buy, but so help me it hits all the sweet spots for me (Terraria, DD2, Dwarf Fortress, Orcs Must Die!). Anyone else getting in on this game?
  5. R.I.P. Forge. Once of the last remnants of the Defense Council, now gone :'(
  6. You know what else i Just noticed? Several DC Accessories have been removed :( I just... I'm done.
  7. I was recently looking around, remembering just how much detail Trendy put into the Tavern. Fun fact; it was the very first feature the Defense Council voted on. The game had been released all of a few weeks, and we were asked what we wanted to see most; something like 80% chose 'Tavern'. And now, here we are. No social system, no music player, Defense Forge is dead (another feature the DC helped design, R.I.P. Forge). I just... I need a hug :( Feels like DD2's priorities have gone completely sideways for so long that there is no turning back, especially with an official release date now.
  8. Right now, we have zero information about the future of pets. If pets receive the same treatment as pre-Chaos loot, then the best ones will offer a slight advantage, but will still be quickly replaced.
  9. I recently unlocked an Achievement and managed to catch a glimpse of it, called 'It's not a fireball'. Pretty sure it has to do with Monk's ranged attack. However, checking my Titles list did not reveal anything new. Can anyone provide more info?
  10. Much as it pains to me admit this, I am also questioning having an official release at this point. I feel like Trendy's developmental efforts have been seriously misplaced this past year. Course, I'm also of the belief that Combos were removed in an effort to cater to the casual/console players, so maybe I'm just cynical.
  11. Neato Edit: I would also like to contribute. I will give a 100% legitimate cookie to the first person who can remove the model-selection dot & trigger from the template images.
  12. I've been harping about Dryad for months now (pun, not sorry ). I'll believe it when I see it. I suppose it's too much to hope that Huntress Traps also get a once-over :/ And if Buff Beam was brought up to par, Trendy will have definitely earned their cookie this month.
  13. I appreciate the suggestions :) Though it seems I was correct in thinking that other Traps are simply not viable right now, which is unfortunate. [[156353,users]] I consider FT & Ramster to be Towers, in the same sense as Cannon Ball or Poison Dart. My point is that because they are a Tower which bypasses shield mobs, there is zero reason to invest in Earth Shatter or Skeleton Archer.
  14. Since C3 employs Vanguard & Geode, a Trap-heavy build is recommended. However, I never cared for EV2's offensive Traps (I use her just for Buff Beam & Reflect Wall), and I don't yet have a Flame Aura build (would like to eventually, it's a neat Trap). What I do have at my disposal; Slime Pit, Nimbus, Geyser, Blaze Balloon, and Oil Geyser. The problem; Dryad Traps all have serious pathing issues, Geyser lacks any utility for its' low damage, and Blaze Balloon is far too expensive to justify any part of it (AoE, DoT, direct damage). As for Oil Geyser, I'm still working on it, but seem
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