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  1. ya an eta would be nice...been waiting 4 days now....and already have a ticket open
  2. considering i did 10 tests and all of them were reproducing the bug....yes im quite adamant about it
  3. for the flamethrower keep ur eyes pilled for power transfer shard (Increases the Defense Crit Damage of the affected tower by 4-60% of its Defense Power.) it will replace ur crit dmg one...just put points into range...20 or so and ull be able to put them behind the walls with out them geting smacked by ogres and skelly ogres
  4. alrdy reported my findings dont do video only streaming off of steam....dont really need a vid for this bug
  5. after more testing it looks like the bug only happens if u replay the map....if u start the map fresh from the tavern ur good to go....but if u hit replay after u win or lose it looks like it triggers the boss auto kill timer on the big assassins and when the timer goes off they go poof and u cant complete it......just a guess
  6. u probably killed it fast im doin it solo so it takes more time...time seems to be the issue with the despawning
  7. yep seems like after the 3rd attack on a pillar they despawn (big assassins) and u cant complete the wave....im guessing it has to do with assassin clutter and they get nixed due to too many small assassins on screen
  8. the name says it all...and no im not using the bells seems after 7 mins or so the big assassins u need to kill to complete the wave once the pillar is down just disappear and u get stuck in an endless loop.
  9. nice spend money on gems....use gems on shards....shards disappear...money well spent
  10. still dropping as of 30 mins ago...if ur just farming to get the challenge...u can do the lowest level maps...thats what im doing.....3 maps got the staff to drop...chests spawns none on wave 1...wave 2, 3, 4 u get one chest....wave 5, 6, 7 u get 2 chests...weps only drop from doppelgangers ( the chest that kills a person and spawns a char)
  11. sorry but this event sucks i cant do 500ipwer yet solo im siting around 350ipwer so 200 is crap and 500 is way to hard...so thx for nothing and i still havent goten my bear yet
  12. it dosnt evolve on the first evolution 3rd and 4th yes
  13. Yes it seems that my problem has PSU voltage. My PSU was a Be Quiet with 600W (8years old), but only 12V/20A. Now I have a crossair with 12v/62,5A and it's working all fine. The reboots while playing DD2 finally stooped. I'm guessing that the 20A wasn't enough for the ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 960 DC2OC 4GD5. Ty for the tip! :) np dont forget about downclocking tho. if u start geting the same probs high end games that are graphic intensive will cause issues.
  14. seeing as u have a 900 series card u need to get a 3rd party program like msi afturburn or evga precision X (which u can get off steam) and downclock ur card speed by 50-100mhz same with the memory the kboost crap with these cards are causing the cards to TDR cause they dont get enough voltage.
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