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  1. Ouch. I got 2 hours into it before I realized I had set it to insane! Oops. I think you need more than 3 buffed towers. The op did it with 8.Ah. Yeah, I upgraded my App guardian all the way but the most I could get was 3. Maybe I need an App guardian with more ups?
  2. Just tried this on hard. Got to wave 22 or 23 and my defenses couldn't hold up any longer. Monk and App have basically 115/220/115/115 type of stats (I don't have the exact stats offhand). Had an App guardian that could buff 3 towers. But yeah...couldn't get past level 23. There's 3.5 hours wasted. :(
  3. /agree with the OP. I have absolutely no problem with Trendy putting out 4 new characters as paid DLC, but it'd be nice if the patch notes made it clear that they are, in fact, paid DLC and not just free new content that comes with the patch.
  4. I put 100 into hero damage, 100 into piercing, and then the rest into hero health and casting time. You don't really need to put many points into hero speed since the Huntress is fast to begin with, and chances are you'll have some speed stats on your gear. And yeah, definitely try to get a set of gear of the same type (leather, chain, mail, plate, pristine, etc) so that you get a bonus to all your stats (1 extra point per 4 points you've invested into a stat, so a 25% increase). As for weapons, I really don't know. I put all my investment levels into base damage and # of shots per second un
  5. I agree the combat phase in survival (and PS) is pretty ridiculous. If the purpose of those modes is to make it increasingly difficult, I'd prefer they did it by increasing the health or damage output of enemies (or number of enemies attacking at once) rather than increasing the number of enemies per wave. As it is now, it takes me like 1.5 hours to get to round 15, and most of that time is pretty tedious.
  6. Yeah it's pretty annoying in PS to have to sell off auras (and even some towers that get hit too often) just so that I can upgrade them during the combat phase to keep them alive.
  7. How are you guys able to do this on Insane? On Hard this works great, but on Insane, I never have enough time to set up my auras/towers before the time limit for round 1 comes up, and the enemies get to my crystals before I can do anything about them.
  8. Yeah I'd noticed that it can shoot through walls, but I'd trade that for the ability to hurt lightning-immune enemies. Maybe I'm crazy, but it kind of makes me prefer a slightly less powerful (and not able to shoot through walls) gun that can hurt enemies of any type.
  9. Woot! Having to hit a button for every attack was SUCH a pain in the butt!
  10. I've earned a few of them by doing the Halloween Spooktacular w/ my Huntress, but they seem not that useful because no matter how much you upgrade base damage, it seems like ALL the damage it does is electric-based. So I can destroy other enemies with it, but if I try to hurt an electric-immune enemy, I do zero damage. Is this intentional or a bug? I thought elemental damage done by a weapon was based on a different stat than base damage.
  11. I spent almost an hour and a half doing Alch PS. Got to wave 13 before my defenses gave out. But that whole hour and a half, I didn't see a single Godly drop, and I hardly got any mana. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Wow, tried this build on Hard (after trying for days to beat it) and it worked like a charm! Haven't tried it on Insane, but it sounds like they made Insane a lot more difficult so maybe this won't work. Still, nice to be able to unlock those costumes! Thanks!
  13. If you want, I can go through what I changed with the increase to DUs to solo hard.That'd be great. I'd love to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks! :)
  14. If it's out, you'd see 7.10c as the version number on your title screen. :)
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