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  1. /bumpitty-ump bump. Looked at the upcoming patch notes and didn't see anything related to the saves system, or lack-there-of.. so i'm bumping.
  2. What are you talking about? I've never had a problem like that, you ARE playing on Trendynet(Ranked) right? No point playing anything else, especially if you're getting problems like that... that is exactly how i feel .. i play Ranked like 90% of the time.. but local or open, to play splitscreen with my fiance but it makes funny mistakes and JD had to replace some lost characters. We created them in local because at the time Trendy couldn't stay up for more than 20 minutes.
  3. Or a more steady save feature, for saving character and level progress. not saving your point IN the level.. but the fact you've played said level before and not have to redo all levels again just to get back to where you were. Sick of playing for a couple hours and closing the game for the night, to only be greeted the next day with .. yeah you've not played this game in weeks as your character is still Lv1 and ur on Deeper well.. but hey the crystal for completing the game on hard mode is unlocked for some reason.. odd.
  4. Just sell the weapons and get something legit. Plowing through content with a hacked weapon ruins the game for yourself and other people. Plus you might even be banned. as far as I know in "open" / "unranked" modding is allowed maybe even encouraged. banning I'm sure would only occur if it was found on TrendyNet / "Ranked"
  5. this isn't suggestion forums You got a link to said forums bro? if so i'll gladly move this post.
  6. I don't want to play more than 1 match at a time, in case my character doesn't get saved, otherwise it would be a total waste of time. I have to play a game, exit, close the game, reopen and pray to god that my character has updated. I have started from lv1 about 8 times, lv10 at least 5 times, and I haven't hit lv20 yet because I've been reset from 15-17 about 3 times. I can't enjoy the game without worrying about my character being wiped the next time the game opens. If I emailed support each and every time this problem happened, you would be more than swamped. No other game I have play
  7. i hope so, i'm in love with this game.. the same cannot be said about my friends who have allready given up though.
  8. Yes Steam. and e-mailed.. doubt it'll help, i gave a link to this forum post too to aid him.
  9. Over 200 views and no official acknowledgement? Is this even something you're aware of?
  10. No i don't care about level progress per se, just character. Losing hours of gameplay because the game crashed or i got disconnected from trendynet or even just exiting the game AS NORMAL is unacceptable. At the very least the last part shouldn't affect my progress as i "left the game" in the official manner! Example of a situation that has happened to me and should never happen: Start up Dungeon defenders, launch a local game with a brand new character. "Level Up" with the initial point given while still in the tavern. Returning to the menu. and exiting the game via menu button. Launching t
  11. Timed Autosave. Wave Based Autosave. Button Based Save Feature. or all of the above.. did I miss any? I wasn't about to go over the top and say a kill based save feature.. or a 'save on any keyboard button press' feature so it saves every time you touch a key. Just sick of losing hours of game play. As well as people I regularly play with have stopped playing now.
  12. The only way i can see solving this is, the ever common 'buy back' feature, and possibly a bigger ARE YOU SURE?! sign than the one allready in place. Maybe an "ARE YOU SURE, YOU'RE SURE?" sign there after. (last part is sarcasm ofcourse)
  13. Autosave feature is needed on a timed or wave based system.. too many times i get DC'd or crashes and lose a lot of mana, levels or even entire characters.. not to mention people who want to play this game.
  14. Without editing anything at all, my game now decides to save itself. I created a character and it's still there when i go back in! Horrible as it may seem, this is a great feat for this game. To be able to save and record simple things such as character creation. Also i'm lead to believe the blue rotating symbol in the lower right corner of your screen when you progress in wave or map, is in fact NOT a save icon, but a RUSE. I saw said symbol quite often in my last play session, but my last character (referred to in post 3) is no where to be found. Also as i'm typing this.. i'm noticing that
  15. @Thorn, with your insightful comment, my problem still persists. If you could please quote the area where i said "on one level" in any other post than this one; i would gladly eat my hat. @Thrumble, Not tried that, but i'll keep posted. Odd how i would need to alter anything at all though.
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