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  1. Hi guys, I've stopped playing DDA for almost a year or so and realized that all my progression in the game was gone. Are there any progress reset along the way to this date or is this a bug?
  2. 18-20 hours? How's that anywhere near possible? Upon looking at the leader-board, the guy in the first place "Mut" is only on his second reset after 4days (It's been released for 4 days already right?)...
  3. even for it to only be 3 maps only wont the grind for the equipment take up a lot of time?
  4. So typically each match takes 15min if you're fast (Assuming you already have the best gear available). we have 65 floors per reset. 15*65 = 975min or 16.25 hours. If we do have to farm for gear to get pass some level that would take like a shyt load more time than just 16 hours. I don't see any players getting anywhere near 10 resets if that's the case. Feels like there's totally no incentive at all for resetting then since most players who does reset will probably quit the game half way through at low ascension levels, and i would be one of the top players in the game for not resetting.
  5. Is 5% the max? and I'm not rushing to finish it as long as i can finish it after much grinding, since grinding isn't that big of a deal for me
  6. Mastery is the sole reason i left this game since it's a real chore to get 5 stars for all of them (currently at c6 mastery). Does anyone know whether ancient power buffs will be capped in mastery mode? If it has a cap I would probably lay low and check again when there's a new patch that does makes it easier. I personally do not like non progressive tries (trying for 6 hours and still failing). I would rather they do something that makes my effort worth something rather than nothing. Maybe increase our damage for that map by an amount for every 10 tries that I've failed etc.
  7. Ok I will try it later when this happens and see how it goes, thanks for the info
  8. Yeah it's running smooth anytime from EDT 12am or so to the said time. As for "stuff at my house that needs connection around that time", EDT 8:30am is about 9:30pm here so it's not in the morning (Assuming u meant devices needs connection around morning EDT time). The lag delays can be as bad as a 10 sec or more delay :/
  9. Hi is it just me (From Asia) who lags horribly in dd2 starting at about 8:30am EDT everyday? I mean mastery 6 unholy catacomb is already near impossible without the lag but with it I can just quit the game and try it again the next day...
  10. seems like everyone gets it from the shard pack 
  11. The revamp points seems really nice. Anyone know what happened to that sticky thread or is it no longer happening?
  12. They should actually. I saw my bro getting 2 deadly strikes right beside me on a single match lol
  13. yup c3. I kinda need more deadly strikes than power transfer, though i wouldn't mind for more power transfer. Maybe I"ll do c4 soon. Gotta take a break from these heavy grinding before doing it again. It's really boring :P
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