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  1. I've been falling as well. Sometimes it will only stop until I restart the game; joining a friends game doesn't always correct the issue. I play on PC.
  2. I can recommend a good build. Drop archers. Edit: oh, didnt realize they nerfed archers, lol. Been gone for a while.
  3. They nerfed PB + panic fire sphere working together. See yah in-game when revamp goes live.
  4. Shouldn't you be farming elemental cleansers? Why are you here ?
  5. #2 is huge. Trendy should seriously consider slapping a band-aid on the issue, else risk losing more players. Will Trendy continue to lose players over the next couple of months while waiting for the revamp? If the strategic revamp does not satisfy dedicated DD2 players when released, will the dedicated players quit? Worse case scenario, can Trendy recover if a large percentage of players are lost before the revamp goes live? Priorities: -New players- I notice many new players complaining about not being able to find a group, or playing alone. Match making and game crashes should be high p
  6. My AL's archers have been sitting at 38k DPS level 1 two weeks since AL's release date. 38k DPS archers are not considered high DPS. I haven't put any effort into upgrading my AL's gear, not that I need to. There is a strategic revamp Trendy is working on which might bump up the difficulty. With all the changes being made to gear in the near future, it might not be a good idea to be in farm mode until the changes occur.
  7. What's a harpoon? I think its the Ballista harpoon is what you call ballista but in dd1 Yeah, I loved harpoons in DD1. Funny, never noticed squire had ballista in DD2 until you guys brought it up.
  8. I was probably in your group 1.5 Mil DPS pre core 4 buff not enough damage? :)
  9. I get the message ([no key]) to Finish Tower Placement. I am unable to complete EV tower placement using the default E button. Binding activate to another key does not solve the problem. My controls currently show E as the activate button. I must build a 130 DU proton beam in order for tower placement to complete. I cannot drop multiple nodes and complete tower placement unless I build the maximum allowed nodes for a tower type.
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