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  1. Will tanking/blocking remain viable as levels and difficulty increase? Are there plans to release more magic damage based bosses/special mobs since the majority of the current ones are physical damage based?
  2. Hmm, Mybrainisanut brings up a good point. If special mob damage scales in a non linear fashion, attempting to tank rather than cc them isn't going to work in later stages. Maybe a dev can enlighten us as to how the damage scaling works and whether or not hero defense stats are part of the stat rework. If any of you watch the dev stream live you could also ask for us there as well. Unfortunately, I never have time to watch the stream live so I'd appreciate if someone could bring it up for me.
  3. So I've recently been leveling my Squire and I'm trying to create a tower HP & block character. I've managed to stack about 800 physical defense and 525~ magic defense with about 1800 hp, but it feels squishier than earlier when my gear had less defense stats and around 2800 hp. I want to find about other players' experience with this and whether it is better to forgo magic defense in favor of hero hp on items.
  4. Yeah, I have an apprentice at level 23, everything else is sub level 3. The only map I wasn't able to clear was Wyvern Den during my progression.
  5. I'm going to flat out say that it can be done. I bought early access about a week ago and beat the campaign solo on normal with with only an apprentice used. It was not particularly hard to me, though I admit that one of the lanes would typically collapse on the 5th wave of every map. Usually because I would be busy with a boss mob in another lane. So maybe it's due to switching out heroes? From what I understand base stats from levels account for a lot of your power in the early stages so unless you're redoing maps maybe you're under leveled?
  6. Yeah it is. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's approximately 100% damage in the center, 50% around it, then 20%~ on the outer edges. That's just from my observations though and it is hard to see with all the numbers going off.
  7. I was speaking in general. At least from my memory of going through the campaign there was typically about one lane per map that was a long straight away and the rest were either like a winding river or L shaped. You're still losing part of the damage increase you're supposed to be getting from all those extra shots.
  8. It blocks enemies from advancing? I don't think I've ever seen this. I just went into the first level a little while ago and the little goblins were just walking through the earth spikes. Does it only affect large enemies? Also, the sphere upgrade only affects you once you unlock the large slot so for the first 23 levels it seems lackluster. Also, that sphere upgrade is a trade off since you can't get either of the other 2 sphere upgrades. @Shane^ My only problem with that is that it requires a very, very long straight approach path to make full use of and the level designers seem to like their curvy lines.
  9. I searched on the forum and I couldn't find anything so I thought I'd ask. What's up with the earthshatter tower? Inspecting the tower it appears to have 62%~ of the dps of my flameburst tower. On top of this it costs 10 DU more than a flameburst and doesn't hit air enemies. The only advantage it seems to have is that it can fire through walls. So am I just using these wrong or does it require some combo with another class' tower?
  10. I've been searching a couple pages back through the forums and I haven't been able to find anything about how long the map will be available. I don't mind it being hard, or even time consuming, but if the map is only available for a couple days I don't think I'll be able to beat it on insane in time. So does anyone know how long it we will have access to it? Much appreciated.
  11. It means that equipment with lower stat bonuses but a high number of upgrades would be considered equal to equipment with a high number of stat bonuses but a low number of upgrades.
  12. From what I've read the best animus have 5 attacks a sec as well as over 140 damage.
  13. Alright, I'm bored and I'm waiting for my rice to cook so I can eat lunch. Everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable person about this game. Premise: I play with a friend all the time and occasionally with another friend. I leveled apprentice and my other friends play huntress. We for the most part have tried to progress one level at a time going through all difficulties. We are at max level and I've gone a 40/70/40/70 tower build and my friend has gone something like a 50/70/40/50 trap build. After much trial and error, I can say for the most part that the magic missile tower is worthless. On Insane difficulty which is the one we play on most, or at least have the most difficulty with, the huge number of mobs streaming at you just scream for aoe defenses. Magic missile turret does not provide this. On the plus side, it's non-elemental. Moving on, the fireball turret at first glance seems awesome but sadly after closer inspection you'll notice that for mobs to take full damage from it, it needs to hit dead on. For some reason I've seen mobs surrounding the targeted mob only taking partial damage. The lightning turret is good in certain ways... Usually I use it to take care of mobs that somehow get past my friend's trap stacking and my wall or to take out aerial units that bypass the defenses. Summoners are usually a problem for a lot of people and while the chaining ability of the tower allows it to hit the ones standing in the back the damage is too low to actually finish them usually so they just get healed. Also, the stun doesn't work on ogres/bosses so you're better off using a fireball tower for more damage. The deadly striker is....anti-air. For some reason in the coding it actively likes taking out wyverns. If, and I stress if here, you can set it up to fire only at say an ogre/or boss, it works fairly well, but if that target is mixed in with other mobs it's just as likely to go one shot a club wielding goblin than hit the high hp mob. Also, they're quite expensive in defense units. Oh, I forgot to mention the magic blockade. Awesome enough in it's own way. It will remove the elemental immunity of any mob that hits it. It also only costs one defense unit. An amazing wall for it's cost it does however have around 1.8k less hp than an equivalent squire blockade, but that's cause you can build 3 of them for the same DU. I won't complain about that aspect. What I will complain about is the fact that all too often kobold archers will just shoot over them to hit either the tower behind it or the crystal itself. Alright, enough about the towers. After a lot of playing and testing my friend and I came to the conclusion that on insane difficulty it's much better to use just my wall and his traps than my wall and towers. I should clarify this by saying the reason isn't so much the damage but the defense units. If I try to hold with just my wall and some combination of towers it inevitably costs more in defense units that it would to just use my 1 point wall and a proximity trap. (Which by the way, does non-elemental damage) The plus side of this is that those freed up defense points usually go towards me building more deadly strikers. These are invariably used for anti-air, to pick off ranged mobs that refuse to step on his traps, or placed in advance to deal with an ogre/boss that we know is coming. All in all for the most part as a tower apprentice duoing with a trap huntress I'm relegated to for the most part just using my cheap wall and my deadly strikers. Other than that I run around repairing and occasionally using mana bomb or help hold a location. In the end I'm somewhat disappointed that I don't get more utility out of the majority of my towers. I know it's long, but that's about the sum of all the knowledge I've picked up playing tower apprentice to 70. I can't say much about the hero build since I've never tried it in hopes that apprentice tower build will get buffed someday, but for the most part aoe wise other classes can do a better job than you. Now that I've shared my knowledge I hope you actually gain something from it and make an informed opinion rather than an impulse decision. Edit: I should clarify it a little. Basically the damage output is too low on the apprentice's aoe towers so in order to do the same thing as another class you end up having to drop more towers to achieve the same effect which costs more DU. Which on insane you can't afford to do since every defense unit counts. Especially when you can't stand around healing your defenses when you need to be distracting/damaging an ogre/boss. (Or getting harassed by those leaping elves...)
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