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  1. this happens in onslaught and i am sure of that. Not sure about incursion though. cross resistance + troll blood in nm3 and above = gg, so now i will save like 40 du to deal with such situations
  2. well, i think this is somehow one way for trendy to make money XD, 'cause u know, free keys are given out at this moment and those players don't have gems to buy bags unless they purchase in-game currency. I have maximized my inventory bags since i got the collection edition and one nm3 end game will fill up like 4 or 5 bags so it works nice for me. But still it will be great if the bags can hold more items :D. Though I doubt trendy would give up this opportunity.
  3. I could use this build in pre-alpha to beat 25+++ without much trouble, but now from nm3 and so on, this combination is getting weak. Maybe there is nothing wrong with flameburst or boost aura, its the difficulty scale issue. But still, this build is not as good as elemental traps+frost tower. And also, the uber sphere for flameburst is not as useful as others like elemental chaos, i would rather choose 2 elemental chaos instead of spending 40 du on a mid range tower which is hardly to be boosted by frost tower. (There is a huge dps gap between frost tower boost and boost aura. Most important
  4. I think they shd add a check that "This player cant rejoin this game after this kick" when someone launched a kick vote. Otherwise if u miskicked ur friend then he may not be able to rejoin anymore. Or do a system vote when someone is about to join and he can only join this game if everyone in party agree. Once rejected, he can never find or try to join this game anymore.
  5. Heard it got buffed. Is it worth to exchange as the 1st uber?or just go for elemental chaos?
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