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  1. I would love for the current ascension point system to get reworked. As it is now, ye basically need 1 hero for each tower you want to use, if you want it to benifit from your ascension points. The hero section works well in my opinion, The tower section could use a rework together with utility. Was thinking about something like a tower section with : Def Power ( all towers ) Def Health ( all towers ) Def Crit chance Def Crit dmg Def Speed Def range ( all towers ) The rest of the talents in utility could either stay, or be moved into the hero sectio
  2. Heyo all. In my opinion, the chat system in this game could use a small overhaul, like a party chat, and maybe the ability to whisper people. Other ideas?? Sincerely Loladin
  3. Heyo all... Been playing this game for a long time, and endured ups and downs... But what really annoys me atm, is the very poor game browser. Would be so lovely if there was an "overview" tab, where ye could see all public games... Cause clicking around in the game browser is a nuisance tbh. It needs an update! Other ideas?? Sincerely Loladin
  4. Gun*** active hero ?! -> Use any other Hero and see the miracle Using monk... Tho i was lucky to find a good legendary staff which i upgraded, and there was suddenly a much larger stat increase on the gear that dropped... But thx :D
  5. I'd like to know that aswell... Been farming c6 for a week or somewhat, and can now farm c7... but all i see is 13k relics... All my gear + relics are upgraded... so its a little annoying not to find any upgrades, while others find 20k+ relics =P Hope there'll be someone, if not trendy themself, who can clarify this =)
  6. Awesome... Thx for observations and the data! It's preciated .. A LOT! :D
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