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  1. I'm at 550 ipwr, and I'm still having lots of trouble with ehterian chainsaw. But I'd be down to join in if anyone's doing etherian chainsaw or 2spookynm4.
  2. How can I find you on steam? Lot's of people with similar names.
  3. Got sucked in to some work stuff. Mayhaps if you'll be on later?
  4. Well dude, All four of my guys ipwr is like 550-450, but I still can't beat the hardest mode on the two new maps. Maybe I just suck at building though =/
  5. Extremely under-whelming. The numbers are just so low, especially at such a high price.
  6. Dude, you are awesome. Please do continue, as it makes such a difference having all of this information, AND the Q&A. I know it's gotta be some work, but I really appreciate it!
  7. I'm pretty sure you: "i" for inventory, use the bag slider (Left side bag selection slider) to scroll to the bottom of the bags, click the last one, which I believe is "buy more bags".
  8. I feel that Pet affection takes too long to level up personally. The hatch 15 eggs wasn't too bad, but I also believe that hatch times should be reduced by at least 50%. -Also more room for pets would be great! Regards, Xan.
  9. Moar Pets! ´╗┐also, is there a reason why creeper egg doesn't list a legendary at the hatcher?
  10. Item Passives: Hey guys, I feel like certain items passives are too rare, while others are too common. Case in point: Trying to get better frosty power gear for my frostfire mage feels nigh impossible. I have gear between ipwr 120-280 on my apprentice, because on both endgame and endgame incursion NM 1/2/3 it feels like "snow storm" drops 9/10ths of the time. -But when Frosty Power passive finally DOES drop, it's like an 80% chance to not have Defense Power on it. -Can we look into revising how these drop rates work, and possibly change it to at least drop frosty power on more Def Pwr items? Don't know if this really applies to the other class passives. L1) Larger pet storage area? L2) Faster hatching?
  11. Thanks for your quick reply! I've gone ahead and submitted a request. Best regards, Xan
  12. Hey iamisom - [Resolved - Thanks for the assistance!] Hope you guys had a great weekend! It's been about a week since I submitted a bug report, and opened a forum topic about my monthly quest resetting, and I haven't heard anything back. Can someone please confirm that this is being looked over? https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/125227/ Thanks! Regards, Xan
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