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  1. Small message, no. Enviado desde mi GT-I9103 usando Tapatalk The answer to the amount hours actualy played from the 1k+ ones is "no." ? Alas fine i will take you up on your challenge. Once i get my chars to 100 i will farm for 400 hours and show you the results. this message was sent without use the of Tapatalk.
  2. It is quite possible. Of all the people who say that they played 1 - 1.1k+ hours. how many of those hours are spent hosting afk shops? I have only played 400+- and am as you say in the trans - supreme / ulti stage. However i got them pretty much as soon as came out and by far most of my time has come from before the ult++. IF one were to farm in post ult++ patch for 400 hours that is more then 16 days straigh farming. And i bet it is quite possible to get a set in 16 days of straight farming.
  3. Ether a birthday cake infront of the ultimate defender trophy or a present.
  4. Doubt it will happen any time soon, when i asked in the ask trendy anything thread it did not get answered. What could meen two things. 1: they simply answered a different question due to sticking to one question per person 2: It more likely then not is not close to being on the to-do list
  5. I was hoping for My Little Pony themed content. ^--- This i would love to see hordes of ogres dressed up as ponies run into my onslaught of massacre by my towers
  6. if you had any idea of what you are talking about, I'd show you the light... but I know when it is not even worth trying to do so If you had any idea how to behave like a decent person i'd show you the light... but i know when it is useless to attempt, so. I have plenty of experience , but i am no part of your merry little band of elitist players. So do not pretend you have the right to claim i have no idea what i am talking about.
  7. Wopw what is with all the hate for trendy giving out free mana? How spoiled can you be to ask morfor more when trendy is giving it away for free! On this rare occasion i must agree with classic and state that this is just rude. Hackers have made mana useless?. No the high end players have made mana useless by declining mana in trades. With 10 Bil mana you can get like what? your whole stash of gear to 200 upgrades? You do not NEED 3k tower stats for anything besides CD and maybe sky city. and even those are are doable with 1.8 - 2.4k stats. Anything more then that is luxury. And with 10 billion mana you can easily get that kind of gear. And dont blame the hackers for the messed up economy but the elitists that Think their random drop item is worth 50 billion. Besides for the people who decide it is okay to get ripped off by some tools who think their pixels are Worth 20 hours of survival runs. 10 Billion mana is more then enough of a reward. For people who farm it themselves this is like what? 15 hours of survival? ( not including 4 afk summoner groups ofc) To trendy: Awesome initiative.
  8. Eek totaly forgot about this!, will update when i get home. I promise :)
  9. I made some changes to the overal decent build. Mid harps removed one and placed a reversed MM and a proxy for spiders removed 5 archers and placed one spider at each choke to help with ogres. the west seems to have trouble actually hitting choppers, reversing the 2 ballistae helped a bit but i need to improve this further. edit: well now the ogrechoppers on the west seem to get stuck after hitting it once reversing both of them so that the fron one shoots choppers and the other one faces the minions. so it works i guess. edit2: when 2 ogre choppers come at the same time only the first gets stuck and then the ballista sharts shooting in random directions again.
  10. - What is the minimum time Ranked will stay available ( for steam achievements etc ) - Will there be more story concerning the Tavernkeep imposter ? - What does the Trendy ent HQ Lunchroom look like? (pictures if possible) - What kind of company trips do you have ? - Do you guys play dungeon defenders during work hours (for fun )? - Will some of the towers that barely get used be altered / buffed to become more usable ? - Could you give us a teaser of the upcomming project? - As stated the legendairy skinns with gain a speed buff, is the same true for the tavernkeep imposter skinn?
  11. There have been oh so many threads that are important to a part of the community that seem to be overlooked by The trendy staff. So use this thread to point the staff towards threads that you think that matter in the hope to make them look and comment. I will look and update this Thread daily, at least for now 1. [URL="http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?77597-We-all-know-RNG-is-100-broken-so-why-not-rant-about-it "]RNG[/URL] 2. [URL="http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?77554-Super-Legendary-Costumes-Speed-issue "]Super legendary costume speed[/URL] 3. Tower RoF 4. [URL="http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?77019-please-let-single-player-games-continue-after-network-connection-is-lost"]Bettter Disconnection Handling. [/URL] 5. Token System for Armor 6. Huntress DPS 7. Summoner and Splitscreen Farming 8. The problem of core weapon drops 9. Trendy plays game from the start 10. Swap Hero Interface 11. Swap Weapon Key Most of the above have been looked at :) Keep em comming!
  12. [c3;629717']3 things are actually happening. one is the tower attack animation, the second is the firing of the projectile, and the third is the refresh timer. what crzy is saying is that the displayed stat in the tower delve is ONLY the refresh timer, which is why a lot of people say it is misleading, because "attack rate" literally means how often the tower should attack. since with like, 1500 rate stat, MM towers have a listed attack rate of .06 seconds, most people would assume that the magic missile tower attacks ~16 times per second. this is clearly not the case though. whatever you want to call it, attack rate or rate of fire, they are synonymous, and literally means the frequency at which the tower should attack within a given time frame. which is why on automatic weapons they list rate of fire as RPS or RPM (rounds per second/minute). what the in-game tower delves are currently listing is the equivalent to listing the time it takes for the gas expansion of a spent round's blowback to reset the firing pin, which is not accurate at all because it doesnt include how long it takes for the spring in the clip to chamber another round or how long it takes for the firing pin to move forward and strike the round or how long it takes for the gun powder to completely ignite and propel the bullet from the muzzle. all of those things have to be accounted for to give an accurate of fire, and the in-game delve currently does not account for their in-game contemporaries. ^- this. This is RoF you can think different but then you are wrong The game does currently not show RoF at all. Delay + Target frame + animation + whatever I am missing makes for the RoF . You can disagree classic but if you do you are certainly NOT using logic you can say you do but you are not
  13. RoF should only be the time it takes to launch the projectile, not including the animation time. No, Rate of fire is how often it fires including everything Not just the interval. If the RoF is .20 I should be getting 5 shots per second not 4.x but 5 that is what it is no excuses .
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