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  1. This would probably be solved by giving some towers more splashAOE/decreasing some of the recharge time on some towers *harpoon tower* Don't know how to fix the lack of progression feeling without bringing back tower speed though.
  2. I think we can both agree that the majority want speed back. It doesn't need to be as op as it was before, but removing it completely did more harm than good.
  3. Yes, towers still do most of the work, but it still doesn't feel fun, feels like I'm making 0 progress, just grinding... With a side of more grinding. When a loot based tower defense game lacks the feeling of progress, you know they done messed *bleep* up.
  4. Not gonna lie, with tower speed gone, DD2 has become a boring hack n slash grind fest. I can't bring myself to level anymore, it's just too boring.
  5. More like there should be a limit to how many points a person can put in a vote.
  6. MrNipple


    Kill me.
  7. Hello, I would like to first say that I absolutely love the series, thanks for creating such a wonderful game.. Anyway on with the questions. 1. Will you implement weapon types? Like how the huntress had different kinds of guns in DD1, or how some weapons could shoot out 1-5 projectiles. 2. Pet rock or riot
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