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  1. A While back we had the opportunity to go and setup a private match/private party when we joined the social tavern. Right now we can only join the tavern and then not until after you have run a map can you go to a private tavern. Personally I think you should allow people to be logged into a private tavern/session and have the option to go to the social/open tavern. I would venture to say 90% of the login issues/lag spikes/disconnects come from joining the social tavern when starting the game. I absolutely get pissed when joining in and am surrounded by random traps placed down everywhere. I
  2. still having plenty of issues getting past the black screen today as well.
  3. yes please been screaming about this since the first event and have yet to land any of the legendary stuff nor do I have time to play 24 hours a day
  4. Getting the same issue, blank screen
  5. I have been trying for almost an hour now, even re-verified my files and all I get on the login screen is "Searching for game session" and then after about a minute or so it times out and I try again. Pretty pissed off actually. I was in there earlier and now some eggs I have are going to probably rot as a result of not being able to get in.
  6. All weekend long grinding up to level for free play, then playing the same 2 maps over and over and over and over for nothing. I keep asking myself why is there an RNG attached to this, events should never have a RNG based reward.
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