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  1. Why should AL be designed around a terrible mechanic that the monk has? It's quite simple. Add a charge mechanic to the attack, so the longer you hold it the more damage it does. Have you ever had fun attacking things with monk secondary attack? I can't say I have;) Rather than shouting nerfs, other heroes need to be reworked IMO. true, and if the OP said, name something to fix everything else to make AL on par with them, i woulda stated it differently, but yes i agree with you 100 :) Sorry if i left the wrong impression on the nerf ideas. i was just giving ideas to make him not total trash if they did want to nerf him, and i do agree i would love to see more buffs to other characters.
  2. Ill start by saying the new character the abyss lord is fun to play but needs some nerfs to not be as overwhelming as he is currently. However I do not believe his towers need changes, there cost and damage makes sense and the lack of health they have makes them very vulnerable to damage from ranged attacks and kobalts.The nerfs i suggest are solely to his abilitys "Abyss Stone" and "Knight of the Abyss". first is a damage nerf to abyss stone, he needs this very badly because it gives him a tower with out DU cost, and sense the lack of cool downs and high mana cost makes it unique and would like to see these things stay. Knight of the Abyss nerf is also very simple, increase the cool down of this skill so you can not lane block indefinitely from a safe distance. I do enjoy how it is a great counter to kobalts but believe it should not be so strong that you can effectively use it on everything, including bosses so easily . If you have any thoughts on the Abyss Lord or find this thread unnecessary in one way or another , i would love to read your opinion.
  3. I also love him and believe he fits perfectly, but his abilitys need some nerfing. But the towers feel pretty great and would hate to see them nerfed into the unusable state that poison dart tower, and gysertraps have been placed
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