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  1. I will not pay anything more than 15m a run... the runs are short, u can pretty much afk after wave 2. Add me if u can do it: delrith007
  2. delrith007 And of course not tonight :P 1 am is inching ever so closer
  3. Ryudos, if you do that with me, I will provide you with a set of tower, and a set of DPS armor like you have never seen before :3 If you can actually run this for me we can work out a payment on steam. I've got tons of high upgrade armors (130^+) and a couple of high upgrade weps (220^+) that I can provide
  4. How much xp do those awards give you though? Enough to really make a difference? It seems as if they were just there to enlarge my e-***** when playing with other people :P
  5. Honestly, what would be the fastest way... I wanna wear my armor and use my weapons lmao I made it my mission to sell everything i owned for the best gear out there x) but now I can't wear it
  6. What are your ways of reaching lvl 74? I dont wanna do insane glitter 14 or however many times just to wear my mythical... Is there another way that is slightly (a lot) more fun?
  7. No, they really won't. Umm yes they really will? I can survive at least 5 clubbings from ogres with strength drain auras down + my awesome new armor :3
  8. I think i have like, 4-5 pets with better stats, higher ups, and a couple of app guardians with higher boost ;D u lose sir
  9. You can come with me on any of my runs! Provided you listen to what I say so you dont mess up the achievements XD
  10. that disc is so hacked... 92 atk lmao I love it when people say that
  11. I need a fair bit of pets in order to complete the achievement. I have most of the "rare" pets already, but I'm missing the more common pets because I neglected to buy them when i had the chance If someone could sell me the pets that I'm missing, or lend me one of each pet im missing, I would be glad to pay No point in trying to sell me amazing pets because i don't want to pay 100s of million mana for something I wont be using anyway
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/id/bunnykiller/screenshot/648748336710039392?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/id/bunnykiller/screenshot/648748336710037339/?tab=public Please, only serious offers. Both of these weapons are amazing (: Ill end this auction tomorrow at 5 p.m (GMT-5) EDIT: DISK SOLD- SORRY GUYS
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