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  1. this is fine. it SHOULD be required that you get geared properly in order to tackle the harder content. that's standard design. the PROBLEM arises when you only have 1 method of gearing in order to beat the hardest content. the problem is compounded when the LOOT is locked behind the clearing of this content diablo 3 does not lock specific loot behind higher difficulty levels. there's generally one level of loot (legendary) and that can drop anywhere. the only thing higher levels of difficulty offers is MORE drops of the same loot this game has ever increasing levels of loot. if only on
  2. Can there possibly be an option in the future to be able to have separate keybindings per character? For example, I like having my Gunwitch's vroom broom on my side mouse button, but this interferes with some of my other characters abilities. It would be a small quality of life addition for those who like changing up the keybindings for different characters. Not really a big issue would just be nice. :)
  3. http://imgur.com/4cjB2bw ogre has been in that spot for a while, have to use piercing shot to kill it. happens in some other maps too.
  4. didn't see this on the list of known bugs for 10/27/15, but when you set a bag to auto collect pet food it doesn't actually get picked up.
  5. They said they would turn off the servers that are down, yet, they haven't done that.
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