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  1. The point is, most developers want their players to play the way they designed to let them play, not the other way around. Sadly this is one of them. I personally couldn't care less if I can equip an imaginary item or not, it's only a game and I will step away from it if I don't enjoy it anymore. Matter of fact, most players here only have 1-2 toons below level 70, and it's easier to quit the game than say having 5-6 level 80 world of warcraft well-equipped characters. So the best way to sustain a game like this and keep people play is to listen to your players, and right now most of them dislike the fact that they cannot use their hard earned equipment.
  2. Same happened to me. Accidentally dropped my staff and cannot re-equip it. Worst of all, I don't have another staff to use other than the very first staff I had when I created the toon. Honestly this is a very bad change for the update. You NEVER take something away from the players, just make the levels more difficult. It is TIME players invested in a game, and it just felt AWEFUL to know that you lost all that time to nothing. I pay to enjoy the game, not this bs. I highly recommend the developer to analyze the gameplay design of world of Warcraft.
  3. used to crash everytime I play online, now crashes in in challenge mode on local server. This game is clearly in beta testing phase, instead of a full product. Im going to dispute the money i paid for this on my ipad.
  4. I am playing on ipad, and it crashes every time I tried to create an online game, so I can only join other people's online team. However can I choose what level group I play with? It seems like I was matched to low level team every time (im lvl 26 and was always matched to < lvl 10 group with normal/easy mode). How can I choose what level group I play with?
  5. Has a lot of bugs on my iPad version, constantly crashed while playing online. I'd like to have the option to rebuild my talent and change the name for my toon in the "real version" or iPad updates. :apprentice:
  6. I am using ipad and I wonder if it's possible to rebuild my talent tree? My apprentice has the weirdest talent build coz it's my first toon and I didn't read any guide before I put points in them.
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