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  1. yeah, I just have a squire builder for solo play. But I also have a Tank/waller squire. :)
  2. Hi everyone, What is a good balance in defence power and defence speed for the squire? I don't have the best gear yet, but I don't really know if I want to put time into finding better gear and putting millions in them just to see them wiped. Does anyone maybe know when I could expect a wipe ? because if it's in 3 months then I will just grind for it. if it's in 2 weeks then I'll be happy with what I have now xD. I have 988 DP and 1170 DS. I see my self oneshotting a lot of enemys so I figure my DP can go down. (my boost aura gives 38% bonus damage at lvl 1 (so yeah not that great either) T
  3. Thank you ! Good to finally know xD. If it is not too much to ask. But do you know what the highest extra % boost on the relic I should look for ? I have 10,57% now. (with a final boost of 15% when boost aura is max lvl which then gives 60% damage boost)
  4. I have been searching forever to find recent info on which items give extra boost percentage on boost aura. And all I read is that Pole, Helm and Relic give that boost. my question is. Is this still the case? because I have spent many many hours trying to find a Helm or Pole with that special stat. But I only find Relics with boost percentage aura damage boost (blablabla). I really hope someone can take my doubt away so that I know I just have to farm harder or I can stop wasting time to search for something that isn't in the game anymore xD.
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