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  1. I agree i get the infinite loading screen only on the dryad screen
  2. Im having a very hard time trying to beat chaos 3 and i here people talk about beating chaos 4 and 5 what the hell are you people using
  3. If i try to go to town from main menu i get infinite loading screen i can only load into private and then after a match i get stuck with another infinite load screen this sucks
  4. I think it's the same for me as well when I'm on the EU server after some games I get an infinite loading screen
  5. There is nothing wrong with trading this isn't a competitive game so it doesn't matter if someone has gear stronger than yours it just sucks that some people get lucky while others get *** for drops
  6. I get 750 books from demons lair all the time and my friend barely gets any and when he does gets one it doesn't have the right stats or passives and it sucks that it's all about luck cause some people don't have time to farm like others
  7. Don't convince just let him wait until it's free to play in know you want to play with your friend but I would just have him/her wait and use that money for new characters
  8. Thanks for the opinion. The map I'm talking about is demon lair on NM4 and I think we can all agree that map is super easy but some people just sit the and hold r1 to shoot or the will kill lava guardian and pick up meteor and just stand there so it frustrates me lol
  9. Fellow defenders please tell me if this is a fair trade or if I'm being lazy. But sometimes I get lazy and I don't want to build N4 and dps so I'll open public games with (I build you dps) in the title and expect people to kill stuff while I chill lol my towers are capable so it's not like they have a hard time keeping them alive but some free loaders think it's not a good trade when if it wasn't for my towers you couldn't even pass the first wave
  10. When I replay the map sometimes I start off on the character creation screen a d I can't exit out I have to restart my game every time
  11. Haha really oh wow didn't know that thanks for sharing I feel dumb now
  12. I played it 3 more times 0 every time I even restarted my game. Really trendy you couldn't even give us a heads up and did you really have to turn the medals to 0 I can understand lowering it a little but 0
  13. Just got 0 medals after winning demons lair on nightmare 4 what's up with that?
  14. I've gotten 2 750 drops so it's possible just rare
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