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  1. Still haven't gotten an answer. How long does it usually take? Or did they just ignore me?
  2. Well I believe the current situation where the end game is different pools of items is kind of weird. Progression should be through the difficulties not through the maps. Which you, right now, can't even follow because nobody plays End Game as a progression.
  3. That's where I stopped reading. Let me explain why. Am I the only one around here that can read? There's a HUGE watermark on the bottom right of the game that reads PRE-ALPHA. That means that the game is being produced still, in the case of a game that didn't go through early access this would mean that they would not have even shown it to the publisher yet. This means that the game has game breaking bugs and balance is all over the place. Please read. Please stop whining and ruining early access for everyone that can read. (This is not aimed specifically at you Twy, this goes for all rants about game balance)
  4. It's not like Early Access is supposed to be a test environment where the players do extensive testing. It's almost as if OP is writing this from the future, where the game has already been taken out of early access. But then he would know of our current heroics where we are currently testing the balance of the game. :)
  5. Well that didn't really help. Either they rejected my report and didn't let me know or they haven't looked at it.
  6. I've had no issues since around 21:30 CEST
  7. I have this issue as well. It doesn't join me into games with other players. Tried different heroes and different difficulties and modes. All just say "Joining game in 9 sec..." and then either joins a solo game or gets stuck on "Joining game..."
  8. Okay, so the number your see on your own towers are the same number as the server uses when calculating if the tower died or not? That bug is going to cause some heated arguements for sure, hope they fix it soon. :)
  9. Hello, Me another squire built blockades, he says mine are 20k and his is 35k. I see his walls as 35k but on my screen my walls read as 38k. Anyone else have this issue? I'm guessing it has to do with the Hearty Blockade. Because for him the bonus number after the max health was much lower than mine.
  10. Yeah now that I see it, I understand that I should've submitted it there from the start. I was pretty upset at the time and probably overlooked it.
  11. Hello? Is there anybody there? I'm only receiving one daily per day so I guess I'll have to wait another month before I'll get that sphere.....
  12. Can anyone from Trendy check that out? Because even if I earn 60 new tokens (Which I am not thrilled to have to do, I'm not trying to be difficult, I just feel I need to convey that I would be upset) what says that it won't just happen again?
  13. It wasn't in my inventory so how would I have sold it? And why would you be able to sell it anyway? That would basically mean that they're baiting people to do it.
  14. I've looked through all bags at least 10 times now, it's not there. Can they refund me the tokens so I can try buying it again or do I have to spend 40 hours in Onslaught to make back the tokens and risk loosing them again when buying the sphere a second time?
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