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  1. Why not make a PvP assault map game? where players iin a group set up a defence to protect their crystal and try to destroy the opponent player crystal? This kinda fit a lot more for DD than other PvP you have out there now :p LOVE this idea!!
  2. Good post, I liked several of your suggestions, I hope Trendy reads this and includes some of your ideas. I will say I used to remember when survival used to take almost 20 hours to beat ;)
  3. I tried to apply and they said they didn't have any more spots for testers
  4. Just means if you have squire weapons, they are in actual demand now (which before, there was hardly a market for them). Like you said, before was all Hunter/Apprentice
  5. Thanks for posting this! Great to see the actual numbers behind this besides the supposed "15%"
  6. Hello everyone, Now before everyone gets in a riot, JDanford may be just talking about Open, but this does seem like a strange statement from a mod. And Mods, pardon the controversial Post Title but hopefully you read it and perhaps can work on making a game where people feel like they don't need to hack. I think it's fine to allow people known to do hacking. Fact is most of us have probably 'hacked' or 'duped' things in the past. Many folks in this community probably actively do this. My intentions are to keep this IRC clean. I want newcomers and old fans alike to be able to jump on IRC
  7. I think the NM AMP gear should be a sidegrade, not a full on upgrade as it isn't progression content. As it stands, Retribution is far and away the #1 ranged weapons yet is the easiest to get in the game. I personally think it should be lowered to +1 projectile so it isn't far and away the best weapon. 4 projectiles, piercing, and it's high RoF is a bit excessive. I haven't messed with the new App Weapon, however it seems like it will be the #1 choice for ranged Apps as they spawn with stupidly highly base damage and +projectiles, it's only negative being they don't seem to get more than +1
  8. Knox - Don't you think that new content shouldn't continuously provide better gear than what was out already? Gives people something to look forward to. And honestly, I'm glad they are moving away from having to grind 25+ NM HC survival to get a chance at a good weapon.
  9. Unfortunately no response from Trendy. It would be nice if the developers posted their thoughts and ideas on other people's posts.
  10. Excellent post! You really should add in Countess as well with CTA as that gives her a huge effective HP pool and high damage buff. My initial playing with barbarian honestly has been disappointing. For a pure dps class, playing in NM its not worth it. Huntress can stand back and shoot, squire and countess have more hp, and the aura's he has seem lackluster overall. If they were able to remove some of the negatives from the aura's, I think he would be a lot more viable.
  11. [c3;324340']ogres in nightmare mode should not at all have a chance of dropping torn or sturdy gear. same goes for all other mob types. i should not be getting the same loot i get at level 3 at level 74, regardless of game mode when i am clamped to hard, insane, or nightmare difficulty mobs. if i get level 3 easy loot drops in nightmare, i should also be fighting level 3 easy mobs in nightmare, or vice versa. Agreed :)
  12. Hey everyone, I know we got wrapped up in the issues of the patch etc.... but I thought we were getting the Shards Part 2? I looked through the maps and didn't see the next part (I had assumed it would actually be the mines map in Assault). Does anyone else see it?
  13. Moved to PC Patch Notes as it is specifically dealing with the newest patch. Hitmonchan, any way we could get a response from Trendy about these issues? So far I haven't found anything
  14. Moved to PC Patch Notes as it is specifically dealing with the newest patch. Hitmonchan, any way we could get a response from Trendy about these issues? So far I haven't found anything
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