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  1. That was my guess, but my point was more that the Dryad felt better than the Warden. Animations are smoother, and the towers felt more unique and interesting. Cept the Harpie, that was mediocre. The animations are obviously opinion based. Definitely feels like its missing entire sets of frames to me. -------- Glad to hear you agree about the Wisps though, was wondering if that type of power was just expected in this day and age. Its been a minute since I've bothered playing. Enjoyed the Dryad, so wanted to try out the Warden.
  2. Not sure why you snipped only part of a sentence, or what that "emote?" is supposed to really represent.
  3. Title was original: "Warden Overtuned?", changed it to add more. Started playing a new Warden and starting from the beginning. A single wisp can hold a lane all by itself. I faced the first boss, and it was dead before I even saw it. Playing on medium atm, and I realize I can bump it up. But even medium shouldn't be THIS easy. The other feedback I have. I enjoy her abilities, and primary/secondary attack. I think the secondary could use a better animation, but whatevs, no biggie. Balance aside, I also enjoy her defenses. However the animations for both the Wisps and Sunf
  4. Always enjoyed Warden. However, I'm still waiting for Summoner! I realize he will need a rework, but I just want that RTS feel back. I loved it, and its what kept me around for any decent period of time.
  5. No heroes really. I only played the summoner in dd1, so AL is about the only one I'll play here. So extra hero slots, or future characters don't mean anything. But yes, I'll agree, huge waste of money (just nothing else to waste them on). I just wanted to note thay I felt there should be a better system in place, otherwise people won't find the worth in spending money. High cost, and gambling really doesn't appeal to many people. They may get a huge profit off of each buy, but overall they will lose pepole due to greed, which means less community, which means more loss of people, wh
  6. I'd like to note, that I just got a legendary Evilwick too.....two of them.....in a row....
  7. If I could play his non gown character in a game, it would be a dream come true.
  8. I'd like to note a few things, that people don't seem to get. Just to defend myself a bit. 1. I got all the gems from one of the bundles before pets even existed, simply because I wanted to support the game. They wiped our characters soon after, and I basically just stopped playing till AL came along. AKA I did not purchase the gems specifically for the pets. 2. There is literally nothing of interest to me that you pay gems for, other than the two pets. So why would I not spend them all there? 3. I ended up getting a Legendary Katkorat today. So woop.
  9. The carnival left 9 days ago, so if you're telling me you spent $70 bucks worth of gems in 9 days on a chance at a legendary pet, I have even less sympathy for you. $16 bucks would have gotten you 6 golden legendary pets, 2 of which you were looking for. I bought the collectors edition ages ago, and don't really have anything else to spend gems on. I want a legendary evilwick, so I'm working on towards getting it. I actually didn't have a clue how much gems were even worth till I looked into it before I made this post. I also find it amazing that you still bring up the carnival pets. Whi
  10. How is this even possible when not one, but both pets were available in their golden legendary versions at the carnival? Why on earth would you stupidly pay $70 for a pet? I would say I feel sorry for you, but I don't. As far as I'm aware, the Carnival isn't around anymore? And I came at the end of it. Also meh at them being gold.
  11. PLEASE NOTE: IM NOT ASKING FOR A REFUND OR ANYTHING So, I got 10,000 gems from awhile back now. And I've almost exclusively spent 8000 gems on attempting to get a Legendary Evilwick, and Katkorat. I have gained 3 Mythical Evilwicks, and several Blue Katkorats as my best pulls. Now, when I realized that was actually the cost I dropped on them, it was a bit dis-heartening. It makes me not want to continue spending money when I've dumped so much money into something, and really haven't gotten what I wanted out of it. Yes, I've got a Mythical, but lets be honest, will any player settle wi
  12. And here I am. Hero 1: Abyss Lord DPS Hero 2: Abyss Lord Ranged Hero 3: Abyss Lord Melee/Tank Hero 4: Abyss Lord Extra Collosul I think Huntress is my favorite hero.
  13. Can I effectively level 4 pets at once? Or will it only raise the affection of the Hero I currently have out there when the wave ends?
  14. I personally would like to add a bit of darkness to the colorful world of defending dungeons. I introduce to you, the Necromancer Hero! Best way I can think of it, is a more aggressive Summoner meets Monk mixture. Primary Attack: Life draining beam, with the possibility of it splitting hitting multiple targets. If there is another Hero nearby with lower health than you, the beam can heal them instead of you. Secondary Attack: Raise one of the slain minions as a Skeleton to fight for your side. Melee creates melee skeletons, ranged creates bow/arrow skeletons. Skeletons will automaticall
  15. I am also having this problem. And sadly, I can't find any work arounds at all. My friends can connect to each other, but I can't connect to any of them. Windows Firewall is off Router firewall is off uPnP is on I even DMZ'd my computer -tcp in the launch menu Restarted steam and computer Can't find anything :(
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