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  1. Hmm, i hope they won't do a wipe, rather have a reroll.
  2. The Dev stream was Yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsEHbDKt27A This thread is for the next devstream, which will occur in about two weeks. If you're implying that yesterday's devstream contains the answer to this question, you could at least have the courtesy of giving a link to the correct point in the video. I certainly have no interest in watching the entire hour-long video to get the answer to a single question. My bad, thought it was the thread for yesterday. Sorry
  3. The Dev stream was Yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsEHbDKt27A
  4. What will happen with upgraded items when the item restat (Or whatever it's called) Will hit? Will you just get random stats, Lose your gold, etc or? Thanks
  5. Yeah, well, True. Yet how would you know their acc would be gone?
  6. I'd love to have these question answered. DD2 & Fraud https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/120873/question-about-dd2-and-fraud Also, 1. Are you planning on doing a character / loot / gold / pets Wipe? 2. Will the lvl cap be increased in the future, or will only the difficulty increase? 3. Are there any plans on making the game more balanced DPS / Towers wise? As the only really viable build right now is LSA + Geysers. 4. Are there any plans on adding maps more maps from Dragonfall to Incursion? 5. Will there be unique maps for endless mode, or will they be on the already existing ones. Sorry for more than 2, I'd like to see DD2 & Fraud to be answered the most, and then one you find the most important.
  7. I got a simple - well, simple... - question about DD2 and Fraud. I wouldn't do anything like that myself, But i'm on quite a few forums who will def take the opportunity. How will you guys go against fraud? For example, People could buy the alpha now, get the gems, then when the game goes F2P, they charge back the payment (Via either PP / CC, could be theirs, or stolen). I'm just giving you guys advice, i know some people who will do this for sure, and when they do, 100s of others (People will post on forums, etc) will also do this. Normally when people do CB on a payment, their Steam gift will be revoked, yet as DD2 will be F2P, the price is $0, and the gift won't be revoked. This could also mean people get to keep their Gems. How are you planning to go against this? IP banning will not do anything, As people will do this on a proxy anyway. Thank you, and goodluck on keeping the game safe.
  8. Reason for this is probably the Gems, as if the game was being able to be a played locally, you could change your stats, and get free costumes, etc.
  9. Still looking for some more opinions, Thank you,
  10. I don't think so, As there is ingame currency and alot is server sided? Not sure about that though. Hope not.
  11. Human

    Less play buttons

    Yeah, i agree with this, i feel like the game title screen is kinda useless, as there's not much to do besides play (Yeah, options, but you can also do that while in the tavern)
  12. Yeah, that's true, However they can change things, to make it DD2 themed. For example, make the Reaper a boss in a certain map, which uses these abilities (Sort of)
  13. I'd appreciate any replies.
  14. Thanks you, it's not a major problem, however it's still something that seems weird. Prob has to do with the launcher needing a constant internet connection?
  15. no idea what that is, but I could do with some base pet variety It's the dog of some guy in the developers team, he took that dog to a meeting in the Influence week. They joked about it on the latest devstream
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