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  1. You might have a look here, I believe this addresses some of the issues: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?17737-Implment-better-server-features-%28filters-and-reputation-for-server-hosts%29
  2. This continues to be a main source of contention and posts are popping up in the forum with people being very annoyed about this aspect of the game. Are there any plans to implement this?
  3. With so many people wishing for these small fixed to be added, is there a chance we will see this in a patch soon?
  4. Could someone from TE comment on this? Is anything like this planned?
  5. Please make custom games more enjoyable by creating a system to match players of similar skill levels. An easy way of doing that is to implement an Elo score based system ( https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Elo_rating_system ). Essentially all that needs to be done is define a measure of "player skill" that can be calculated each time somebody completes or fails a map. The current score (maybe without wave completion scores) would be a good start, but I'm sure there would be better measures. If a game is created using match making, all map change and kick decisions should requi
  6. Nah you do need to show the game for them to join, we've tried joining locked games an it doesn't work since the patch. Just host a private game and do not lock it. Private games do not show up in the server browser ever. But, if it is unlocked, your friends can still join using Steam. They do not even need an invite.
  7. Many people are experiencing being frequent kicked from custom matches despite carefully reading the title. This problem is caused in part by the fact that Dungeon Defeders has servers hosted by players, which means that other players have to rely on the quality of their internet connection and the hosts have ridiculous power. Most other modern games have games hosted on servers provided by the game company and all decisions like changing levels and kicking someone require a vote. This removes the feeling that somebody "owns" the game and feels entitled to be a . Obviously, where the game is h
  8. Im sure Trendy will come out with an answer to this sooner or later I'm not sure Trendy cares that much about matchmaking. There are many great games out there that have great matchmaking and cooperation features. If you look at things like Startcraft 2 or the upcoming Dota 2, the matchmaking assigns people based on skill level. It would be quite possible to implement something that records the kills you managed to get in certain levels, how much mana you took, how often you died and just how many times you've won certain maps in total. It is then possible to implement an Elo Score ( https:/
  9. I'm trying to consolidate looting ideas here, would you like to add yours? http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?7205-Fairer-loot-expierence-and-mana-distribution And here's another thread with a few ideas about stats and item attributes: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?7222-Make-skills-and-item-attributes-more-understandable
  10. There's some more suggestions in this thread. Have a look: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?7205-Fairer-loot-expierence-and-mana-distribution
  11. There is an easier option to solve the problem of ninja-looting without banning people. I've posted it here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?7205-Fairer-loot-expierence-and-mana-distribution
  12. Various weapons convert ranged physical into elemental. As a Huntress you can get away with using Piercing Shot to take care of immune enemies if you use such a weapon. Thanks for telling me, this is really annoying. This really should be documented properly in the item stats window. I will now have to test every item I think is better to see if it does normal damage or elemental damage. :-(
  13. It'd be nice that it remembers the last hero you used to swap. Playing with 2 heroes in monster fest is nearly impossible alone. Maybe there could even be a hotkey for fast switching (that only works if you're sufficiently close to the forge).
  14. That's one more undocumented oddity then. I sold my old weapon to get this and it's useless for what I want to do. My old weapon at least had decent ranged damage, with this I am screwed. Please fix this and at least give clear pictures that tell players what damage they should expect!
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