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  1. More replies and love in the shape of hearts please ;)
  2. Agree need option to scroll through stacked items so +1
  3. Like and bump for attention ;)
  4. I Like the daughter wants revenge part ;) And the possible turrets and walls sound fun
  5. Gold sink could be created by upgrades for guilds Some outfits (gold and shiny) that you can buy for gold
  6. I love the ghostish dragon A Lot Also this idea sounds great to me gives you something extra to do
  7. Id rather keep it easy and simple instead of creating more gold sinks
  8. Thanks for the kind replies so far also thank you people who liked this post so far Really hopes this makes it
  9. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/122756 I suggested this it seems the same as your idea but better/more fun In short sell weapons get their cosmetics as a collectable and change looks of weapons whenever you want
  10. Share the love upvote this thing
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