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  1. You gotta hit f12 as the minimap is disappearing, ie let go of shift hit f12
  2. Lets face it end game is all about chests dropping gear and bosses dropping weapons. There seems to be no reason to have regular mobs drop items when they all suck, something needs to get changed... Either mobs need to drop better items or have them drop no gear and just deposit mana into our bank while increasing the number of items for sale in the store from 3 to 6.
  3. i want to buy one as well
  4. Hunter Animus FS / FT Looking for mana, monk ranged dps weapons, apprentice elemental weapons. Damage / SPS / Shots / UPS #1 1385/6/2 (fully upgraded already) #2 79/4/1/26 #3 147/3/1/32 steam: shadowofcurien
  5. WTB Ogre Childhood toy with max ups and high ranged dps
  6. Need an global auction house or the ability to setup a store in your tavern
  7. Best thing to do would first have two default tabs, locked items and non locked items, then allow for us to create additional custom tabs, so that maybe I want to create a saving for later item tab, or a sell item tab, or for show only tab etc...
  8. why would this be random, they need to fix that, you can only get the achievement / pet once...
  9. Game crashed everytime we beat insane summit tonight, done for the night, wondering if it has to do with skipping the movie???
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