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  1. Portuguese (Brazil) too. Some words don't make any sense xD
  2. 1, 2, 4, 6, 24, 25, 26 n 30 sir ♥
  3. I bought it on xbox 360 and all PC versions and it would buy again on Xbox One! ♥
  4. It should work on any Onslaught floor (once lost). That map is cool but at the same time a headache every 3/3.
  5. It would be great. I think it would be an added incentive to help low lvl players.
  6. In general. Same bug here on Xbox One.
  7. 90% of players (those who have spent much time and patience like me) will not join this.
  8. Same error all time with my friends on xbox one.
  9. Why Trendy? Not just me, but several people here spend the day working and the only period left over is the night to play (sometimes the weekends). No one in good conscience will want throw away tons of hours of play. I got discouraged after this.
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