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  1. You spawn and die instant if there is fire. So yeah, great one, not. Also I just die in the middle of the map with no mob around and lose points. This event is the worst dlc in gaming history. In comparison Duke Nukem Forever just starts to look playable.
  2. sure you can do it the same way you "dropped" them :) I see what you did there :D
  3. New upper tier content, wow. It's like they dont listen at all. People complaining about gear getting too great too fast, lets throw some more in. Why cant they just focus on problems that need to be fixed instead of creating a new problem. It's true you dont have to "asia grind" survival. But tell me, how am I supposed to get better gear to get through high tier content, if I dont do survival. It's kinda like, you have to be this tall to enter. If I'm not that tall, thats it for me period. I dont have time for survival.
  4. It's just amazing how they still think we would believe they just forgot to add nerfs to the patchnotes.
  5. Just to touch on something, nerfs are never fun for the community in the short run. But in the long run they will show you exactly why they happened, and why they happened when they did. That would be true if they were final. But if every nerf or buff needs to be fixed thrice, it's just sad.
  6. I played my fair part of DD. I was in the forums nearly every day. But they didnt address the main issue, the survival. So, this game is just too boring for me. DD has become an asia grinder. You spend your days farming in redundant modes which require yourself being in the game pretty long in one sitting to get good loot. Well, even asia grinder arent that boring. I'm just disappointed that Trendy cant see the real issues but is tweaking stuff which is already alright.
  7. Are the people at Trendy dealing with us in any other way? They think we are their labrats, monkeys they can train. I'm calling it like it is. People arent angered because of the nerfs they are angered about the communication from the devs. Jeremy Stieglitz promised us right after their lack of information on the premium content regarding the gender swap that they would from there on out telling us upfront what they would charge and patch. But he couldnt held his promise and that isn't just sad, it's insulting. But they cant even comment on that. The new "Communitymanager"(I didnt see an elect
  8. Let me put the nerfs being partly game breaking to the side. The lack of information in the official forum is a slap to all gamers. You PROMISED us you would give us more information. Yet you dont do jack. We have to figure out the nerfs by ourselves. Why do you even have a community manager, he is doing nothing at all. A monkey without balls could do his job. After some time he climbed from his high horse to update the patch notes in an incomplete way. Was it fun, Hitmonchan, screw you!
  9. The new patch is out and there are just so many things that really make me ask you: Are there really any Beta Testers? When you say yes, do you listen to them or are they just standing in a corner in your office doing jack? The Barbarian is so messed up and no one on your team noticed it before? I tried the Assault Pack and figured you cant do it alone. I put down the time you give us to complete it on insane, started on easy and I barely could do it on insane time, although I basically just dashed through it one-hitting everything. Come on this gotta been noticed by you.
  10. I think some of you didnt understand my post on saved level so here it is simple : 1. You only get to keep your loot if you make it to the next wave 2. You can only load the level you are stuck on 3. Put a timer on the level so it has to be played before it expires 5-7 days This would prevent loot whoring / cheating and would still be a challenge progression because everyone will hit a level they cant pass due to gear or teamates so why not be able to practice it without having to play 10 hrs again? That just defeats the whole purpose of survival and the necessity of a save button.
  11. * Made Nightmare Mode drop better loot even at the lower waves (Wave 1 Deeper Well Nightmare is now pretty much equivalent to Wave 14 Insane Glitter etc), & Nightmare Campaign generally drop better loot * Made Nightmare Survival & Mix High-Waves Drop Loot on Par with Nightmare UMF * Made Nightmare Survival & Mix have more Ogres depending on the Wave number It doesnt say NM Survival MM drops better loot than NM Survival w/o MM.
  12. um considering you dont work for valve or trendy you actually have no eta as it has not been confirmed that valve even has said patch/dlc yet I'm not working for either of them that's right, but taking in consideration that the devs said it would be on 31st of January and recent Steam update history it's going to be like I wrote. If the release is pushed onto another date, you will still get the patch in the afternoon of GMT-8. If you just take this out of the thread maybe ppl stop saying "It's release day where I live(i.e. GMT+5)".
  13. The german translation is really bad. In the upper right corner where it should say "Schlien"(=close) it says "In der Ne"(=Close by). For saving you have to click "Sparen"(=saving money). Leaving the Menu you go with "Ausfahrt"(=exit on the highway).
  14. There are various points which should be taken care of before implementing a save button. 1. You should only be able to save between waves. 2. Once you die your savegame is forever lost. 3. After saving you have to quit, there is no playing something else or getting better gear. If you start the game again you have to continue at that point.
  15. The way I see a save working is that you can only save at the start of each new level and the kicker is you can only keep the loot if you clear to the next level , that way people cant farm lv 25 over and over . So say you played level 20 and just saved , all the loot on level 20 - 21 you can pick up as usual BUT if you dont win to level 21 all that loot you picked up doesnt stay in your inventory because you reload to how you were at the start of level 20 when , no farming abuse that way . Stop right there. There are fundamental logic fails. In your suggestion your save will take you back
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