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  1. 1 hour ago, Fuzzyape said:

    Well there is your problem. If you set it to upgrades only you will obviousl only pick up upgrades. If there's no upgrades laying around you obviously won't pick up any items.

    i guess people just generally think other people on the internet are dumb..

    I only have 2 pages of loot atm so not full. There are literally "green arrow" items that are upgrades on the ground at the end of the wave and they get sold. I was on the last waves of mixed mode with mythics dropping and none of them were looted, even without "upgrades" checked

  2. Playing mulitple waves and multiple maps where my autoloot it not functioning AT ALL. I set it to legendary, mythic, trans upgrades only and it does not loot any item. It auto sells everything. Then I tried setting to mythic and trans (without upgrades only checked) and its still not looting anything?

    how do i fix. Do i need to full reinstall?

  3. A few patches ago trendy fixed the issue of towers resetting their attack if the tower's current target died during its "wind up." This helped but this doesn't really fix tower targeting, it's merely a band-aid. Overkill on enemies is still a big issue. Is this still an issue actively being worked on [[4370,users]]?

  4. 6878791945_9a0e492605_z.jpg

    sums up the conversion to the scavenger from the temp. inv. bag (TIB).

    let's start off with the definition of a scavenger:

    • a person who searches through refuse for useful items
    in light of this how was it decided that in-game, rather than picking up all the items still on the ground...or you know, scavenging..that instead, he only takes loot we pick up but don't have room for in the very small amount of inventory space given to us. Instead of being able to sort through the items at the end of a match (or 3) in the TIB I now have to run around and collect every bit crap on the ground for each game and then sort thru everything in my inventory. again and again and again because after you have sorted thru the stuff you picked up to fill up your inventory just so the rest can go to the scavenger, you then have to sort through it 10 more times as you click claim all and can't sell things directly from the scavenger interface. You took a major upgrade over the DD1 system (in my opinion) and replaced it with a system that went about 10 steps backwards in convenience and functionality.
    If you want to keep scavenger in the game because of the seemingly higher production value or he takes part in the story, etc that's fine with me.. but for the love of god please at least give him the exact same functionality as the TIB had.
    I know just about every other member of this community feels the same. I've always appreciated your interaction with the community and how you actually listen to what we have to say. Trendy don't fail me on this one.
  5. I know pet rarity determines max pet stats on RNG, but what are the factors that play into how much a stat increases per pet level? I have a friend that had a mythic topcat increase +7 empowerment stats per level whereas mine only increased 1-2.

    lightning: will there ever be in-game sales on bags/skins, etc similar to what we would see in LoL?

  6. @Kyrn quote:

    @Alabama quote:

    Yes, I agree, if the stacking is indeed intentional then they need to do some massive fixes. But lets not forget where huntress traps are atm BEFORE you factor in any aura/boost buffs. Clearly they aren't testing things as they go out, but from what I can tell that's what we're here for.

    Wouldn't frostbite not work well for blaze balloon though, since it would increase the balloon regen rate, not the tick rate... or can balloons double-stack their dots?

    from what i've seen and done, it seems like the dot stacks

  7. How about adding some sphere or passive that increases attack speed of towers for 3 sec (as an example only) every time that specific tower crits. This not only helps the attack speed side of things but also might make crit chance a more viable build. since the only viable meta right now seems to be dhp and dp.

  8. @iamisom quote:

    @Alzais quote:

    as of the hotfix 5.9 I'm getting daily missions (first day so only 1 mission but i hope this continues day to day) however, I got one of the "Kill X enemies with Y tower" and it still won't complete for me. So they fixed getting missions but actually completing them is still bugged. lol

    That particular quest appears to be bugged, and we're going to investigate it. Are you able to reroll to another mission?

    unfortunately no, it's not letting me reroll it. thanks for the reply!

  9. as of the hotfix 5.9 I'm getting daily missions (first day so only 1 mission but i hope this continues day to day) however, I got one of the "Kill X enemies with Y tower" and it still won't complete for me. So they fixed getting missions but actually completing them is still bugged. lol

  10. So i want to start out by saying I like this patch and all the content that was added. Please read this whole post as my main point is toward the end and is underlined.

    I think that now defense speed is gone (and this post is not "up in arms" like many others for them to bring it back), the penalty for some of the game's mechanics is sooo much more apparent. Let's start off with an example. I have an average set up (or whatever you think average is) of 5 towers in a lane. There are about 5 kobolds racing down the same lanes trying to kamikaze into my towers as well as 5 orcs. With Attack Speed this really wasn't an issue because the kobolds would get massacred before they even got close. The fact that all towers attacked the same kobold, reloaded, and then all attacked another single kobold wasn't an issue when you are chunking 3-4 cannon/flame balls per second. Now that attacks are at 1-2 per 2 seconds and do 2k damage per shot (Im level 20) it really hurts when all towers attack the same target. A kobold has about 2k health so 1 cannonball would suffice but all 5 are attacking it. (That's 8k damage of overkill for those that don't math.) Now 1 kobold is dead and the other 4 have made it to your towers because your reload is 2 seconds long and they aren't able to shoot again before the kobolds close the gap. At the same time now the orcs are directly on top of your towers because as your towers are overkilling the 1 kobold they neglected the fact that 5 much beefier enemies were closing in.

    I realize that I could just build some geyser traps, etc to slow the advance of the kobolds and maybe be able to kill a few more off..but even then all my towers are still shooting at the SAME enemy. So, in essence the problem still remains.

    My idea for alleviating this issue is to have customization of our towers attack priority. If we plant a tower and walk up to it and hit "E" (for example) it brings up a scroll wheel with pictures/names of enemies. We can then select one of the options and have that specific tower prioritize that enemy for its attacks. By doing this, I can select maybe 2 out of my 5 towers to attack kobolds on site (thus eliminating the overkill or reducing it to only 2k damage (once again for those that don't math)) and then set the other 3 to prioritize the orcs (just as an example).

    I'm not sure what this would entail on the devs end, but comment below and let me know if it's even possible. Thanks!

    Let me know what you guys think. Now that attack speed is gone we have to find some new ways to help the game mechanics progress with that change. Also if you have any ideas or strategies for tower placement/staggering to reduce some of this overkill, let me know!

    Thanks guys

    Edit: another thought i had..(also mentioned in a reply by another person below) --- the other alternative is of course to do something about the targeting AI, so that it recognizes enemies and their remaining hp better and eliminate the player having to do anything.

  11. As a squire builder, I can't help feeling a little jipped at the large spheres available for the squire. There is no sphere to augment the main staple of a squire builder, that is the cannonball turret. The apprentice, however, has a large sphere that greatly increases his flameburst tower dps. Im wondering the design decision behind this? There are 2 different spheres for the spike blockade. It makes me feel as if trendy is saying don't build a squire builder for dps, he's only useful for his blockades. Build an apprentice instead.

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