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  1. Any Barricade focused squire around? we just need someone to build walls and go :P
  2. So, we got to this lvl, but now some people are working, other one is sleeping... ( the group we made the other day is... weird xD 2 europeans, 1 american and 1 asian, so it's hard to play toghether) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nakoel Main: Monk Builder (560 iPWR) Alter: Huntress DPS (604 iPWR) Our greatest achievement so far was winning Liferoot Forest on NM4 10/10 rounds. Now we are aiming to farm NM4 and go beyond, but we always need a 4th xD Add me on steam if you are interested or leave a comment here :P
  3. Having the same problem and it's starting to piss me off, people just join games without asking and then i have to be nice and ask them to leave or "politely" kick them.
  4. Well' we are 2, need another 2 to go for liferoot nm2. Anyone else? :P
  5. Right now there's really a few people who play nightmare mode so if anyone is around this level and want to play just add me, i completed liferoot nm1 and i can farm the first boss of liferoot nm2. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nakoel My main character is a monk, as a builder my iPWR is 312, and as a Tank/DPS 300. Greetings.
  6. They opened my quest egg, thanks for that, i could finally move on. And then i placed a second egg, and right now when i was gonna hatch it... same bug :_( but well this time it doesn't lock anything, i think you should fix it soon, and i hope you will, but it's not that important, i can keep playing :D
  7. Thanks for the info, im watching a tv show and logging in from time to time to see if they hatched it, no luck yet :S
  8. I'm still waiting too (+30 min already, i have no idea how long it's gonna take) fliping tables like the pet xD they want to turn us into living table flipping pets ^^
  9. Welcome to the club: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/121543/bug-creeper-egg-wont-hatch-_ We have 6 modes locked and theres nothing we can do about it, you can... keep playing campaign mode maps over and over for no reason, just wasting your time or on the forums... 3 monhts, then 18 hours delay and now this... this keeps getting better and better.
  10. Any ideas on how to fix it? Or else just change all this senseless quest locks for simple lvl lock, let people plat free at lvl 20+, let us play onslaught at 22+ or 25+... Everything is locked, 6 modes locked, we can't do anything because this quest is bugged -.-
  11. Don't select a creeper egg, i think the other eggs work just fine :S I wanna try the new modes :_(
  12. So we finished the campaign, and after we defeat Betsy i selected a creeper egg. Now i just have to Hatch it and move on.... well it won't hatch no matter how many times i try, private tavern or social tavern, so i can't continue playing since everything is locked untill i finish this quest :_C I hope you can fix it. Greetings.
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