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  1. We spent all the DU on monk and huntress traps right around the spawn point, and used 2 huntresses in the last few phases just destroying things. Between both of us and both our animi (animuses?) it was constant moving and shooting and killing but we never were really close to losing.
  2. Oh thanks for the bump :) In the meantime I went mostly attack damage, having 70 base in both I ended with around 110 attack rate and nearly 250 damage and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I noticed my deadly strikes hit for over 10k while my buddy's were hitting for under 6k -- he didn't have his gear upgraded but it was a tower spec... probably closer to 100 damage. Pretty big difference it seemed to make... and I just figured there was probably some cap to the speed to make it less good so went all damage...
  3. Got 2 in game, "need help zippy insn", could use one or two more who have done it before or who also need it
  4. #1 - 200k or best offer - likely vendor soon Huntress Animus (1/22) 135 damage, 4 speed, no split 14 health, 9 speed, -3 hero damage, +8 cast speed, 4 invis, 12 piercing, 12 trap health, 13 trap Speed #2 - 300k or best offer - likely vendor soon Monk Animus (1/22) 157 Damage, 5 speed, 1 split 13 Health, 3 speed, 10 hero damage, 12 hero cast, 14 Defense Boost, -13 Hero boost, -2 Trap Health, +9 Trap Speed #3 - 1.5m or best offer Huntress Animus (1/32) 136 Damage, 5 speed, no split (:() 4 Health, 10 speed, 11 cast rate, (no hero damage (:(), 6 invis, 13 trap health, 10 tr
  5. But back to the OP, it seems they could perhaps make it so you can't rejoin a game you were kicked from for a couple minutes, and it would make sense for both the person who got kicked (doesn't want to go back to that game...) and the game they were kicked from (well if they kicked you, they don't want you to come back now do they...)
  6. Interested in Chest #2 there... but steam apparently can't let us add
  7. oh haha... my bad, misread screenshot... well uh... nevermind then
  8. Aah.. damn... yeah I guess it didn't get the add through... you may try to add me if you want... Zoblefu
  9. Interested in your Pristine Vest ("Pr DPS"). Added you on Steam.
  10. Hmm.... I guess the 1 speed isn't so hot, but of course can be upgraded.... really good base damage on it though!
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