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  1. Squires are capable of soloing the campaign because of one main reason, all of their placements deal physical damage, not elemental. The apprentice must expend a greater amount of DU than the squire in order to have all angles covered. The harpoon could have its damage nerfed into the ground and it'd still be used over fireball turrets because of that. Take a look at the apprentice's arsenal of defensive placements and ask yourself this: What, in the apprentice's arsenal, does he do that none of the other classes can do better? Forcefield > mage barrier harpoon > fireball Lightning
  2. He means instead of summoning the minions directly upon the buff beams (in which case minions must be spaced by a certain amount, much like towers/turrets), he summons them wherever and manually moves them onto the buff beams, in which case they end up being more compact than if you tried to build them directly upon the beam in the first place.
  3. Was the 250k dmg in a mission or in the tavern? A friend of mine think that his minions are waker because of the difference in the tavern and map. Nightmare Misty Survival. Tis fine though, thanks all. If im the only one thinking this im most likely just imagining things. Now im questioning my sanity x.x;
  4. I really need to start taking screenshots of things before patches, to either prevent myself from getting paranoid or to atleast verify such suspicions. And nah, i haven't changed anything really, if anything my damage stat has increased since then. I'm also comparing it to the patches before the mage adjustments. Ah well, i'll probably have to settle with 'im being paranoid' since im certain the devs have better things to do than entertain my crazy claims xD.
  5. I distinctly remember my archers doing around 250k damage at minion damage 2000 (fully upgraded on buff beams). However now they're doing around 132k at 3 stars/buff beams. Is it just me imagining things? or was this not mentioned in the patch notes? Is there any way to confirm this by comparing the current archer damage ramp to their damage ramp before the mage damage ramp reduction?
  6. Hello, since the last 2 patches ive been suffering from FPS dropping. At first things will run smoothly and i'll have no issues, but by wave 10 and beyond things start to get choppy, even during build phase, and it only gets worse until by wave 18 its unplayable. Even after leaving the hosted game, and sitting at main menu, the game will lag horribly. Restarting dungeon defenders usually fixes it temporarily. I have tested other games (The Secret World, Diablo 3, etc) none of which suffer similar issues. Edit: Not using controllers or anything. PC Specs: Quad Core 3.2ghz, 12gb ram nVid
  7. So with the latest patch it seems reflection beams are now reflecting cannon ball turrets. It doesnt seem to reflect harpoons or projectiles from archers/mages, so im not sure what else it may reflect. Pic of the cannon balls reflecting off the field Again from above the ones that do go through somehow managed to squeeze underneath the reflection beam wall xD this was done on Ramparts NMHCMM Edit: Bah wrong forum area. sorry.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly, mages did do a bit too much damage, but honestly? fireball turrets had the same dps on dummies as mages, and assuming they scaled correctly to nightmare mode, this would make fireball turrets superior in overall damage output, sure they cost DU, but they can attack 5x as far as a mage can. A 50% reduction in overall damage to a mage is way overboard, i can understand dropping the mage from 680k to 400k in damage at 2k minion damage stat, but cutting it in half is way too much, even with the range ramping buff theyre getting next patch.
  9. Ah, bah wish i knew where the conflict was >.<. i placed the 2 files into the win32 (and 64) folders since i wasnt sure which one the game used, followed the directions, and it registers in the xinput emulator program, just not ingame.. hrm.
  10. Is vjoy working for anyone else with win 7 x64? I cant get it to work for the life of me, even though my key presses register with a controller input tester. So i definitely know my system registers the keystrokes, but it seems to be entirely ignored inside DD. Anyone run into this issue? or have any hints on how i can resolve it (if there is anything that -can- be done that is)
  11. Ive been farming ramparts regularly, even wrote a guide for it using the summoner, and do get trans consistently from it. only on waves 20+ though
  12. Yes, the stats of towers are based on the character that built them, regardless of if the character is active or not. Although dont forget, if you have the character that built the towers out and active, your towers receive some good bonuses to their effectiveness. These bonuses -will- disappear when you change characters though, but will come into effect whenever you have said character out at any point during gameplay.
  13. Awesome! glad on #3 being implimented :D i made a poll/thread just a day or two ago in the suggestions area for it too xD
  14. I agree, a contest here would be better than setting up an afk shop with them... Chances are you'd just have some greedy person come in, buy it all, then post it on their own AFK shop for 100's of millions of mana.
  15. Added a Poll, totally forgot to :\ Glad im not the only one who likes this idea! :D
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