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  1. thanks for the relase on the 23th. Soon time to sleep in europe, great accuracy. Stop the trolling please.
  2. Hey! At least you're not paying 5$ for a 10kb unlock key for content that's already in the game--**** you Capcom. On a side note, I bought Orcs Must Die for 15$ about 6 hours ago, and it's 3.74$ now... That pissed me off quite a bit. Yea that would piss me off lol. Just did that with an app game of mine O.o I'm waiting for this DLC so I can buy Orcs must die all at once :D
  3. Yea they made this big sales change so it's gonna be hours till its all sorted Im sure lol
  4. Yea it's gonna be 3.99 I don't think this is free even for preorders etc. The links still not working, I'm checking constantly though.
  5. Its up on new releases but no pic and the link sends you back to the home page. Can't wait for the new characters!!
  6. Try them now guys. The option to install them is working for me now
  7. Yea I just verified cache and downloaded 76kbs and restarted steam still nothing. DLC not showing in DLC tab for game properties.
  8. My DLC tab doesn't show the costume DLC but they show up in the game......wtf is happening?
  9. I haven't had any unlocked. And my apprentice only has the mummy costume......
  10. I think I will try the loot your own area way today and see if I come up with anything good cause I have found 4 good items from chests only lately. Whats a good amount of levels for an amazing item?
  11. Isn't it there already? The green arrows, the green thumb up. Although it would be a pretty bad system, since you can disagree with the system (for example, your class build doesn't work good with the equipment) and you will be unable to pick up things to sell again. As someone stated before its based only on stats that are currently present, not available levels etc that can make a crappy or decent weapon AMAZING. It would need a major tweak like i said.
  12. I think it'd be good if you could NOT loot something unless it was an upgrade for you. For that to work they would need to tweek the formula for determining better equipment
  13. I read it, but he stated a why. U seem to just blatantly agree with it, because he's a dev. Also note that I was talking about loot dissappearing and not about ppl looting everything. I agreed for the same reasons hence the quote of the post..... Now that loot won't disappear AS much what is another reason to loot everything? Pre 1.0.4 I looted a few things here and there when doing high round TTR stuff, because if you DIDN'T then the items would despawn and no one would get the cash. Mass-looting and just stealing from the entire map is a **** move though. I only grab an item here and t
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