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  1. Launch-backup-2017.08.09-20.12.24.log 488.170.172 bytes Launch.log bytes Thats after deleting all the other logs, after todays game session.
  2. ;Suppress=MatUsageInfo ;.Suppress=MatchMaking ;+Suppress=DevAnim ;-Suppress=Init
  3. https://pastebin.com/Sz55Sb8U
  4. Default settings, only changed video settings to minimum, so my laptop doesn't overheat.
  5. Today got windows low memory warning, and since only thing that changed on my drive was DD2 update, decided to check its size. You can see the results in here. I will keep the logs for a day or two then delete them (for apparent reasons), so if devs need to read them, i might upload it to somewhere.
  6. August 7 update, still no respons from support team, had sent them several follow up messeges in this time. Can any officails comment on why support team ignoring tickets?
  7. [[166314,users]] i pretty much thought that it was the reason (exploits/cheating/hacks), is there a chance to get FOV slider in settings? Or get console enabled in "sandbox" environment with some of the whitelisted commands that will not affect gamplay of others in any way?
  8. Same thing happened to me, and support team still ignoring my ticket fron 08.07.2016...
  9. They do reflect projectiles, but angle of reflection is different, most if the times when i used reflects on C6, all Hex Throwers would still be alive and reflected javelins would fly over their heads. Its good damage against melee units that get closer to reflects, since most of the reflected projectiles hit them
  10. If you going to accuse them of lying, then at least use direct quotes from their patch notes and proofs from ingame (screenshots, videos, explanations) about exact problem you are addressing. Otherwise your post sounds like from some frustrated 10 year old yelling shenanigans in carnival.
  11. In the same boat as OP, worst part is if you want to use him as active hero, you need to invest at least 40 DU for his mana regen. And if you want to play him more aggressively 1 fissure wont cut it you will need at least 2-4, and need to run around map to collect that mana.
  12. Patch notes are not ads, its just extra info about patch that was implemented. There is bound to be bugs in any game, be it indie title or AAA blockbuster game. Thats what patches are for. This patch fixed some of the AI of Dryad, befor this patch she was almost usless, now little less.
  13. Its not a solution to a bug, just a work around. I can use Squire walls just fine, just trying to address existing bug/problem
  14. Can we talk about the bug where Viper's Fang attack sends enemies over the killbox right into safaty and directly in path to destroy the core? I thought with this patch, increase in size of VF Y-Axis(Height?) problem would be solved, yet Berserkers are still hopping all over them, at least half of my games in C7 ends up because of this bug (still gearing up). My understanding of the problem is game engine mechanics that lets you "steer" your character in midair, it also works with Berserkers, they keep running farward after they get bubbled and end up on top of the barricades, and pass through
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