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  1. I just want more content to do, instead of just "reworks". I love the new MOD system for the game, requires some touching tho, as some of the mods it provides are a bit too good. However I look forward to more content to do, new maps, new modes, maybe Adventures adjusted for the chaos levels.
  2. I feel so red now. Also, are there any plans for being able to change costume parts in the costumes? Because I don't really like the Huntress's hair in Dragonfall Huntress costume and that stopped me from using it.
  3. I thought you were crazy. LOOK THAT TOWER HAS A HAT! - Some player But it's actually a nice idea. Adding some items to the towers that changes their attacks would be awesome, for example: Cannon: Normal: Explosive single-target attackMultiple: Launches aball that on hit deals no damage but it throws little bombs to the enemies in the area of the explosion.Bouncing rounds: The cannonball deals less damage but bounces from enemy to another.Balista: Normal: Launches a penetrating arrowExplosive: Launches an arrow that does not penetrate, but deals high-damage on an area.Fast-shooting: Launches X arrows. Each deals low damage but can penetrate up to Y enemies. (X= number of arrows shoot, Y number of enemies that can be penetrated)High-penetration: Launches a large harpoon, has no damage downside from penetrating. Fires really slow and has less range. Stuns enemies.Fire Tower: Normal: Fireballs.Ice charge: Deals less damage than the fireballs, but slows enemies and affects an areaEletric Charge: Deals more damage than the ice charges, and chains through enemies.Earth charge: Less speed than the fireballs and less range, but has high damage and stuns enemies
  4. Upvoting all the way! Yea. Though there is a point wich I didn't liked: The Tabern: I feel like it's perfect, but yes a little too spread out maybe. But It's better this way. Yes, the towers feels weak, or maybe the enemies are too strong. The main problem are the Lancers/Javelin Throwers and sometimes the Dragons too(my poor squire cannonade can't reach it, same goes to the firebreath tower).
  5. Nope. Please. That basically broke the first dungeon defenders. The Squire with his long-range penetrating arrows. Mine went all through the map and wiped everything. And there are already items in the game that gives your towers more range, but instead of being an stat, it's an special effect from items.
  6. Well... I hate being "that guy". But I disagree actually, and agree with you. Yes a wipe before the release (or when entering the beta phase) would be good, but also the player that get wiped should get something inr eturn. I don't mind not recieving anything from a wipe, but people tend to get a "little" mad when a wipe happens.
  7. Hi, today i was shopping and found some interesting items! One of my friends given me this staff: Please, help me IDK if that weps are hacked or not D:
  8. I hope new DLC, I don't think that I would like to start from lv 0...
  9. Hi, yesterday I just completed the new map with the mage and unlocked the Mage Legendary skin, but i have a question, i have Countress and Series EV, if i complete the game with them, I should unlock the Legendare Squire skin and Legendary huntress Skin?
  10. Wow, awesome model we all want download :D-
  11. Necromancer, a reference of the anime "Kore Wa Zombie Desuka?". I'm waiting to get the new DLC to get the female summoner and change the colors and name to make her look like Eucliwood Hellscythe doing a cosplay of a demon. (Aikawa Ayumu is dreaming of it right now, don't make him wait!!!)
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