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  1. Pierce on PDT Tenacity on WMF and FA
  2. Well, I'm not Trendy. However (and I'm not trying to be offensive or anything) you could try to not let them reach the wall in the first place. Unless the lane is extremely short you should have plenty of time before a boss reaches the wall if you pull it back a bit, which is a good idea on vamp lanes. Furthermore, add some kind of CC or at least speed reduction, like a frosty proton beam or a frost tower.
  3. I am a mostly f2p player. I did buy bags once, and possibly a hero a long time ago. Furthermore, I never played a lot, just log in to play every now and then. That being said. I have all heroes I want and up to 3-4 of each for some of my more used ones. It's very easy to get the defender medals you need to buy the heroes and extra hero cards at a reasonable pace. With shards you can (if with a bit of difficulty) deal with quite a lot of the mutators with only the 4 basic heroes. They do have access to most of the things needed. They can stun, poison, drench, freeze and probably more. They hav
  4. Controlled burn lanes need to have a condition on them to be able to damage them. A condition like stun or poison. As far as I'm aware (I might be wrong, might a shard) ramsters do not give that making that idea invalid. 1 ramster plus proton beam could handle it, as proton beams can freeze. Except cyborks nulify that idea.
  5. I would like to point out that some shards might seem more rare as you need a lot of them while others you will only ever need one of. For example power transfer, as mentioned, is a shard you need a lot of (or at least want) so it might seem more rare than empowering flames, which shares the same chaos IV shard pack. As you will never need more than one empowering flames your inventory can quickly fill up with them if you don't sell often. On the other hand, power transfer rarely sits around in the inventory when there's towers that need them faster than you can find them. Also, the amount of
  6. I don't believe (unless other things have been mentioned, I haven't followed dev logs and such) that onslaught is the end. It's a system put there so that you always have something to work on. A system to give people something to do between updates. For example, should they add another chaos tier you'll have something to work on, then you can go back to onslaught and see how much further you can push. If they add another type of maps you can do that, but once you're bored you can once again go back to onslaught, maybe push a few more maps. And once things start getting even more powerful
  7. Some things to help with Assassins. Most of which I assume you know but I'll post anyway. 1: Have enough health and armor to survive a while. Makes it easier to reach the killzone if you get jumped in transit. 2: Build a specific killzone, one lane where you build some extra defenses that help with killing the assassins. They can't stop you when they're dead 3: Some kind of passive healing. A world tree, mystic 4 (can't remember the name), abyss lords healing fountain. Surviving longer makes it easier for the towers to deal with the assassins. 4: Make sure to add CC into the mix. And as previ
  8. The game isn't meant to be played with only one (or two) heroes. Although it's possible it really helps to have as many heroes as possible to get access to a lot of different strategies. For Chaos 1 with the base 4 heroes I would use a Squire for walls, put all ascension you can into wall health. Either a Monk with flame auras (as you have I guess) or an Apprentice with Flame Throwers. A Huntress with PDT (Poison Dart Tower) helps as well. Then use a strategy where you wall of chokepoints, put a PDT somwhere safe but still so that it shoots the back of the enemies as the shield goblins block p
  9. As mentioned, towers have no aggro anymore. They will mostly only take damage if they are in the way of splash attacks, ranged attacks that hit them by accident (if they are in line between the ranged mob and the wall) or if something walks into it. There is a topic (I believe it's on page 2 now) about "I can't even complete chaos 1" or something. In it I posted a few screenshots of builds, where you can see different places you can place towers. WIth mostly no damage to the towers. Be careful with ogres though, if you get close they will jump, and that jump does a lot of damage to towers.
  10. Are you placing your towers behind the walls? Most towers aren't meant to be there anymore. They pull almost no aggro so if you place them back in the lane you should be able to reach them. It's also part of the strategy of the game, covering enough of the lanes to kill everything. It's one of the reasons stuff like Flame Aura is so popular, you can cover a large part of the lane without issues. If that's good design or not is of course up for discussion.
  11. In my (not so) humble opinion one of the main issues is that the wall jumping mobs bug exists, thus when people do bad builds such as leaving large gaps in the walls they instantly shout bug instead of looking at what they did. It might not be instantly clear what you did wrong and as such you instead believe it to be the bug causing leaks.
  12. Hi, as mentioned already in the topic you can place towers outside of the protection of the walls, they have almost no aggro nowadays. One thing to keep in mind though is that while they don't pull aggro they're not invincible. Splash damage or just being in the way of ranged attacks can and will still destroy them. That being said, I made three screenshots of three seperate "builds" I used in c1 when I started out. I don't have any increased range from shards on any of the towers used here, but I probably have some ascension put into range. Regardless, using these builds and tweaking them
  13. When I started C5 (which was before the loot patch) I used (depending on the map) flame throwers or ramsters with rate being the most important shard. One PDT per lane to use as both dps and anti air. Sometimes, depending on map I used Skyguard as well, usually close to my killzone if possible as a stunned Assassin is considered flying and the Skyguards help there. Cannons with heavy cannonballs, speed being the most important here, they're there to stun, not dps most of the time. Then I created a zone where I spent most of the map containing at least some form of healing. Could be the 4 (can'
  14. First of all, I don't want to sound like I'm saying you're wrong or anything. I'm not denying your experience. I just wanna say that for me this had lead to some insane upgrades in just a few games. I was able to farm c5 with some struggles before the patch. Lost about 1 in 4-6 maps. After the patch I did 2 c5 games, gained some amazing upgrades and then went on to oneshot c6 gaining a bunch of upgrades in that one game. As for some players having a kind of advantage because they did things before other is hardly a new thing. Shards being moved around led to some people getting great shards
  15. As far as I remember the information on dd2tools is supplied by Trendy.
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