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  1. would also be nice if you updated the labels on things like Pet vials and the Skin chests. all they say is "unlock in forge for rewards." there as so many times doing the day in the Lobby I have players asking where the forge is , and how to unlock it.
  2. yeah. and when you haven been haveing running like 20maps in a row. and blew 2500 medails. not getting one... then your Just asking your Self why was it again you playd this game.. Just open for us to being able to pick what shard we wanna buy from a vendor or something. with how this " correct" shard is needed to have a chance in some trires. its getting mind numming after just 10 run trying to get one shard out of 30 that can drop on that one tire..
  3. I think I should have mentioned that this is from a viewpoint from someone who is not max gear or chaos level, and is still levelling. Reaching max gear, well you should probably see very few improvements if any if you have already maxed. So yeah this tip goes to the people who are still leveling and have not maxed their gear at current max chaos tier haha Ahh okey.. yeah might be worth add as a note xD
  4. im useing my monk as my activ and the best geard.. he is atm the one that has the highest armor. and im not seeing any more diffrence then when I was useing the squire.. I dont know whats up with C7 and its drops. but I dont see any massive drop that will push me past the first wave. and C6 is not giveing me any upgrades eather, with the maxd drops from there. so dont know if its the tire it self that is just messd up. of if the whole "this or that hero drops more gear as the best one" Just dont make any diffrence.
  5. how about some / animations like danceing ? :P Just an Idea ^^
  6. I beleave this is something Everyone have been asking for. as a returning player I have been stumbleing around in the dark, trying to find what it is that is makeing me find better gear, atm im going like most say. GO for the Armor stat and equip it on hero that is not used doing waves. and I am seeing something. but this could be nothing but random luck. sens I last playd Ipwr was removed. that was something that made sens. the item had a higher Ilvl and it had better stats. now with chaos tires each haveing a max on what it can drop.. it would be really help full if we could see a guid
  7. Thank you ! this have been a Really bother, that you can only realy sellect public maps like half way down, and then the UI and Mouse stopd being in the same place xD update: Hmm sems I was too hasty. still have the same problem clicking maps down at the bottum, not being able to sellect them.. the problem is that any maps on the public list, the first 13 ones you can click, after that. the mouse and what im clicking aint the location and the Yellow seclection marker, dont follow.
  8. No idea why people keep repeating 5 points. I am getting 200-400 extra stats on armour pieces just from breaking into a new Chaos tier. Are you even bothering to equip the pieces? im sure people are. but the thing is that we dont know yet if Armor is the stat thats the new Ipwr or is it the hero stats themself.. and yes. sometimes you get a jump in armor.. I can sometimes find an item that have maybe 300 more armor. but worse stats for my hero. and when do you find something that is better its a very small number like 5 or 10 points. atm when im finding a new item for my monk the hero stats a
  9. I know. Bugs I can deal with like Wall runner female orcs or the small skeletons being summond behind walls and walk on the core. sens its not every wave or map this happens.. But This slow progress Or lack of infomation of what it is thats Determaning what that is gettign upgrade to show up. I have sayd many time. but Ipwer / Ilvl made sens at least when we had that.
  10. When did I write this you didnt. I did. and as I wrote it was something I heard my mate sayd he read somewhere. but from the reactions and what others are saying it probberly not true.. and this post was not about if we where surpose to or not be doing c7 ay 110. but if the gearing up is surpose to be this slow, with stats only improveing with small 5 or 10. ones in a while when your finding at upgrade. and as there are other posts asking the same question basicly. I can see im not the only one that are confused over what determans what stats that are raiseing the stats on drop gear. and se
  11. so what your saying is that, is that the upgrades are surpose to be small. and with a good 5 days of grinding one tire and hope the Rng is good to you, you can get in to the next tire ?
  12. sounds like the same problem I have at c5. its a slow crawl 5 or 10 points up at a time.
  13. Im not sure if im doing something wrong or whats going on. but sens hero gear is whats determing what gear that is dropping when it comes to just items being an upgrade or not. and for now if im lucky its between 10 or 20 stat upgrade on hero gear. that drops ones in a while. my mate told me that there was a post where the devs says something about that at ascention level 110. you should be doing c7.. ( not sure if this is true or not. and not hte point of this post ) but im stuckd at c5 at the moment and im seeing around 2k hero stats and almost 10k now on deffence items. and with 15k being
  14. have there been any talk about reduceing the UI on when mouseing up items in the inventory ? as you can see here even when moveing the item down to the lowest slot i still cant read some of the stats. second link incase the pic dont wanna upload / show up here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=933067388
  15. One thing I miss is the lock you could put on your map when hosting was the Item level / power minium settings. atm there is no benefits playing with others, and sens all you need to join chaos is to complete the campaign. and haveing low geard players jumping in, too well leach, sens you cant Just get max gear with out working your way. with the anti boosting or what ever you will calll it. so how about setting a minium for what you can join. with the minium settings you had in dd1 when you made a map. that sorted it. sure now this is where some will say that haveing such a implemantaion
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