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  1. I still don't understand why anyone cares who hacks/cheats/whatever with mana or gear, it's not like they can gank you over and over or steal your gear or grief your game. If you don't like someone in a game you get into, you jump to a new one, and if someone with hacked gear walks into your game all they can do is either help you - ie they cant grief anymore then a Lev 1 player, by say, selling random towers - or be at your "kick" mercy anyway.
  2. Yea, I'm also keeping this bookmarked, as my group is in sort of the same situation. We try to play DD without resorting to too much straying off the principle of "its only us with this game" and the progression path is a bit foggy. We haven't seen anything interesting drop on any Insane maps, and when we LAN at my house we can't - read "won't" - do Survival cause it's not "fun" and recently have been playing Payday instead, at least there's enough variables in Payday to keep it from being too repetitive even with the limited maps, and can be played in shorter time intervals, then survival
  3. Just wait till you guys get to deal with future Creeps... If you think spiders are bad >=] This is not a complaint, just an observation. I just use DD to idle time, ie random fun, not to accomplish specific objectives, so what gets added/changed/nerfed/lost over time means little to me (and yes, I did lose about 6 pages of random Shop trash too in an update), as it's just a game. I have all the DLC's just so that when I'm bored I have more options in what to pick to un-bore myself, and anyway, I'm more interested in player made content, and having the DLC's are a safeguard against someon
  4. All i have to say is **** casual gamers, they're the reason big name games like Halo, CoD and Gears of War are bad now, cause the makers cater to casual gamers, that's why i love this game, if you don't put time and effort into it, you'll see no progress and that's how it should be. I find it rather funny that would compare a kiddie themed Tower Defence game to shooters, which, for the record, have complex PvP, and have that as the core, while DD is meant to be a friendly, drop-in and drop-out co-op enviroment.
  5. Maybe I'm the only one that can see this, but wakeup call: there is not infinite playtime in DD, or any other game for that matter! In DD, once you finish all the normal content Easy-Insane on all the classes that you want to play, YOU PROBABLY PUT THE GAME DOWN AND PLAY SOMETHING ELSE. Why is this news to everyone?
  6. I don't actually see a problem with maps that are so hard - read "bad" or even "broken" if you like - that they can only be done by the skin of your teeth, and only every once in a while at that, because this game had no variability. I've been playing Payday: The Heist while waiting for more DD stuff to do, and in that game, mobs are random as hell, so you cant just play the same way, but in DD, you can play again and again and eventually get a working system that work 9/10. People wanted harder. Apparently that's what they got. If everybody was farming the maps a day after they come out,
  7. I just love how what I said got totally misunderstood. Those steps that you did should be optional, not a "must do". The OP said that all the areas of this game are accessible to anyone in a short time span because he did what he thinks is a logical progression. * Survival did not drop Superloot until people complained that it took so long to get to the end. It actually ended on wave 30, and that had to be changed because it took 20+ hours to do so. People missed the point that it was NOT core DD, it was an OPTIONAL mode, it was NOT meant to be farmed senseless, it did not occur to Trendy
  8. I think your original point was lost on a very basic fact: * You bought gear from other players * The whole point of a game is logical progression. Logical progression does not mean buying a game after it has been out for months, and finding that the only way to do missions is to get gear from players that was farmed solid for the entire time the game was out in those months, because you cant get better gear gradually by just playing missions in the game. The only way you could have obtained that gear normally was random drops by doing survival over and over. You hand picked gear from sh
  9. I don't know what you people are going on about. I like having lava inside my retinas. An option to tone it right down is sorely needed though.
  10. Whatever the game devs decides to add, it wont effect people playing for fun UNLESS it allows other players that are able to use anything from those additions to grief in-game. People with superloot just play a few gamemodes, so they don't go into "normal" rooms anyway, and no one on my group that I play locally with has/wants superloot at this stage - either aquired or given - as all its useful for is farming UMF and running Survival to high waves to guess what - get more of it. Using a Borderlands example I used with a mate: If after doing everything in Borderlands, there was a couple of
  11. Since the adding of SuperLoot and UberLoot, gear that drop on maps like the ones with end bosses, are now, well, rubbish. I don't expect to get them buffed, but it would be nice if we get could get a fair way to get better versions. Maybe we could start at Insane and just survive higher then wave+5, so that with extra wave we survive dropping a re-rolled, better version, meaning that if we get to wave x+5 as normal, we get the current version, with x+6 and x+7 getting better and better. When we fail the map we just get bumped out with the version that we got up to - or not - meaning that by
  12. Well, I have been screaming this since I got far enough into the game to realize that Insane on Deeper Well is just a practice range for a pet Animus. I'd redo Summit to spawn long range Archers on the parapets, have Wyverns dropping Kobolds, and have Mages casting defensive spells on mobs. But that's just me.
  13. I work 9-15 hour days(sometimes nights) have a wonderful wife and 2 kids, I have not gotten past wave 14 survival on anything(due to time)and have not completed UMF on even easy and have never had more than 8 mil mana at any given point, and according to steam i have played DD for 291 hours and i wouldn't even call my self a "casual". I enjoy this game in every way so far :) Im with you on this one. UMF was never really meant to be completed as such. Well, Trendy would know people would get to wave 14, but it was just meant to keep them occupied with "look, shiny loot!" for long enough to
  14. I'm sorry, but isn't DPS just obtained by dividing the damage by the time interval the tower fires? Doesn't the tower show you both stats? If you already know it's inaccurate it must be because you can already calculate it correctly, so I'm a bit lost here. The dummies only need to be there as indicators, not calculators. They rely on hitboxes of ammunition, autoaim, plus a crapload of other physics factors, so you will never get a result as exact as doing it by hand, and in game, lag, things running towards or away from towers, piercing shots, splash offset etc, will change the DPS anyway.
  15. For those who whine saying that they are casual gamers who don't have the time to do the long survival runs are simply trying to find a much more reasonable arguement to make trendy change the current system for unlocks, an argument that is not "i'm too lazy to do this" or "i don't want to do this 'this' way". Hold on a sec. No one should "have" to do anything. Survival was not a core mechanic. It was an optional game mode. Under a tickbox. How much more "optional" can you make something? Survival never contained good loot. It got put there because of the complains of "If something takes
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