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  1. Hey defenders! First off, i would like to apologise for bad grammar, spelling mistakes, or any misiformation i give. So heres my problem: Yesterday, my wnidows 10 pc started downloading updates, and i wanted to play without lag, so i restarted my pc, as i do not know how to stop it while i use ethernet. So i closed dungeon defenders 2 after a game of nm4 inc ramparts, signed out of steam, and restarted my computer. when my computer came back on, i signed back into steam on the same account i signed out on. When i got into steam, it said that dungeon defenders wanted to install again. I fou
  2. You'll get to hang on to them. Trendy has said that the carnival will return in the future. When that is, I have no idea, so there's no telling how long you have to hold on to them before they become relevant again. ok, thanks for quick response, i guess i'll have to grind up those defenders tokens :P
  3. Hm, ok, well, we will see in due time, i'd just feel pretty bad about myself if i can't sell em back, cause then i'd be 75 short for abyss lord lol..
  4. What happens to the carnival tickets that people have left over after the carnival? will they get auto sold for gems? will they just delete?
  5. Hey defenders! Some of you may not know me cause i am new to the dd2 forums, but i was quite active on the dd1 forums. But anyways, I got dd2 a few months ago, and i did well, got to nm3, took a break, and i came back to a harbinger and a carnival. I thought the rewards were cool, so i bought the 1600 gems pack, and hit the carnival. Now, prior to this, i had gotten 2 carnival tickets from random gems i had, so when i finished the carnival, i had 2 spare tickets. Now currently, i have 1425 gems, and 2 spare tickets, and with abyss lord coming out at 1500, i am only short 75, and curious, when
  6. Both are possible Possible Thank you caimen
  7. Hello, Today i am back from my recent return and i came across these diamonds, and i was wondering if they are hacked or not? http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/498017899413892461/C6F670858023B92352A83DB825F471DA2AE09F79/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/498017899413885677/9323B1B1B97F34604A636D8C93559B587D795CE8/ Thank you for your swiftness and haste in responding Frank
  8. ok we got a deal i guess and xD, yes i have a mic now :D
  9. Thank you, its been long, and oddly enough i only got the urge to come back strongly a few weeks ago but never got around to it after everyone broke :D its good to be back and i hope to be back for a long time :)
  10. Hello defenders, As i'm sure some of you are aware, i was gone for a while due to technical issues, but i am back now, and theres all this new stuff, so here we go. I heard this map gives pretty good stuff in surv and is good for armour farming, and i am willing to pay some things for runs(s), i will show photos of these item(s) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/498017899411950488/38194E1E0888ACF76F41A096B1977335E5F90CF6/ - trip cap myth http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/498017899411948476/90ABBEE25E19C3EE02C5DA6578EE75BC89D675BD/ - trip cap myth http://images.akama
  11. If only dd1 still worked ;-; good luck :)
  12. Sorry for inconvenience, but i got to retract, atleast until i can fix dd, its broke and when i get back i got to run mkjo and cap off Atlas's runs aswell :( sorry but gl with the auction!
  13. Do you get errors? Or does it just close or what exactly is the problem? Maybe we can help. well, i had this problem before but it was long and hard to fix.. if i recall correctly, when i try to restart dd, it loads, and in steam it says im in dd, but the small window with the options to play etc doesnt come up.. and then 1 second after it says im in dd on steam, it says im back online, almost as if dd has crashed before it has even started.
  14. Oh i thought i closed all before i took my break >_> but yeah, this is over, i gave away most of the ults i dont use in tavs and stuff cause i took a break, and it may be permanent now considering the fact that after installing moonbase dd wont launch at all :/
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