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  1. Hey, Thx for the quick response, i fixed the issue. It was something with the gpu driver(like you suggested). I played a little with all some of the options in the NVidia control panel(especially ones that override application settings). At the end the problem was solved by changing the Antialiasing - Mode option from Override any application settings to Application controlled. My video card is a GTX980, just leaving this here in case any one else runs into this problem :D
  2. Hey everyone, I played DD for 500+ hours couple of years ago(and somehow never came across the forum -.-'), but last week I noticed my 100% completion go(with the new map/achievements). So now I'm trying to play the game all over again 1) because I somehow decided it was a great idea to delete all my old chars... 2) because i still enjoy the game ^^ But there is one small problem for me: random objects seem to be flickering in-game(including heroes/walls), have not yet seen enemies flicker nor dropped items. I was wondering if this is a known issue, or if this is just for my particular set-up. Following is hopefully a short clip of the hero flickering:Link if not working Hope the fora is still active ;P BlackShadow Edit: Pls move it to other forum if this is not the correct one... if possible ofc :D Edit2: Fixed now, can be closed. 
  3. Same problem here... Hope they fix this, else the limited maps might become rlly boring after a few times on medium :p
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